How to Find Flurry Feathers in Dragon Quest Builders 2

Wondering where to find Flurry Feathers in Dragon Quest Builders 2? This guide points you in the right direction. (Hint, it has to do with Chimaera).

Wondering where to find Flurry Feathers in Dragon Quest Builders 2? This guide points you in the right direction. (Hint, it has to do with Chimaera).

During your time on Moonbrooke, the third island in the game’s story mode, you’ll get access to the Woosh Widget. This Dragon Quest Builders 2 trap helps you defend your bases and structures from flying enemies.

To make Woosh Widgets, which knock flying enemies to the ground, you’ll need to find Flurry Feathers. 

You first find Flurry Feathers during a story mission on Moonbrooke. However, you use all of them to complete the mission, leaving you with none to use later on the Isle of Awakening. Since you need three of them to build a single Woosh Widget, building the trap can be a grind. So how do you get more? 

How to Find Them in the Campaign

After you’re tasked with defeating the Hair Force, the Air Force, and the Scare Force, go to the poison swamp area directly east of the castle. It is on the far-right side of the map and is denoted by a purple lake. 

Once here, you’ll need to find six Feathers to build X Woosh Widgets and complete the XYZ. 

The First and Second

Enter the camp and talk to the orange Grimlin directly across from the bridge. The Grimlin should be marked with an exclamation point. Speaking with him will activate the quest.

Afterward, turn left and then turn right to speak with the purple Grimlin standing next to the tower. Speak with him and he will open the door to the tower. Look in the chest inside after getting Ra’s Mirror. 

The Third and Fourth

Exit the tower and skip the closest purple Grimlin. Go to the far side of the area and speak with the other marked purple Grimlin. He will ask you a series of questions. 

This is how you should answer: 

  • No
  • No
  • Yes
The Fifth and Sixth

Now, return to the Grimlin near the bonfire. He will task you with draining the poison lake to find a chest. 

Go to the section of the lake behind the Grimlin. Then go all the way to the end (right) where it gets deeper. Use your Bottomless Pot to drain the water to find the gold chest. 

Where to Get Flurry More Feathers

The best place to find Flurry Feathers is on Rimey Reef

Located in the northeast section of the map, Rimey Reef is one of the many Explorer’s Shores you can access between story chapters or in free-build mode. You can unlock Rimey Reef for 200 Gratitude after completing the Moonbrooke chapter. 

Flurry Feathers are dropped by Cosmic Chimaera. These Chimaera are purple and can only be found only on Rimey Reef (I’ve searched every shore open to me as of this writing, with three left to unlock).

Although Rimey Reef is procedurally generated (randomized each time you visit), Chimaera will always be found in the mountains and in forests. They will often be accompanied by Shaman, so be wary of fire attacks. 

It’s important to know that the Flurry Feather is a rare drop. I killed 9-10 Cosmic Chimaera before getting my first Flurry Feather, then I found four more by killing six of them in a row. It’s completely random. However, you’ll need three to make a single Woosh Widget. 

The good news is that a Cosmic Chimaera also drop a Medicinal Leaf. Since these drops are far more common, you’ll at least build your healing item reserves while farming, which you’ll need as you explore more islands and take on more fearsome beasts. 

That’s all you need to know about Flurry Feathers in Dragon Quest Builders 2. Be sure to check out our puzzle solutions guide, which will help you snag a handful of easy Mini Medals.  

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