How to Fix the No Password Has Been Entered Error in Palworld

Find out how to fix the no password has been entered error message in Palworld.

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You’ve entered your password but are met with an error message: “No password has been entered.” You check what you typed, and it’s right. So what gives? Here, I’ll tell you how to fix the “no password” error in Palworld to get you back into the game.

How do I Fix the No Password Has Been Entered Error in Palworld?

As with any issues of this nature, I always remind people there’s no one-size-fits-all fix. What works for me may not work for you. A Reddit solution may help you but leave other players in the cold. With that in mind, I’ve found two methods with the highest chance of fixing the “no password has been entered” error in Palworld.

No Password Has Been Entered Fix #1: Bypass Password via Community Servers

When you try to directly join a dedicated server via its IP address, the no password message prevents you from doing it. Bypass the message via the game’s community servers. Here’s the solution that worked for me:

  1. Start Palworld.
  2. Select the “Join Multiplayer Game” menu.
  3. Go to the “Community Servers” tab.
  4. Click on any server from the list that requires a password (with a lock icon).
  5. When prompted to enter the password, type any password.
  6. Press “OK” and then “NO” when asked if you want to connect.
  7. Click on the IP address field below the list of servers.
  8. Enter the IP address of the dedicated server that you wish to join.
  9. Press the “Connect” button to join the server.

If you do everything right, the “no password has been entered” error message won’t reappear when trying to join a multiplayer game. If it does appear, let’s try another fix.

No Password Has Been Entered Fix #2: Delete and Reset the Password

If you’ve created a dedicated server and your friends can’t join because of the “no password has been entered” error message, then do the following:

  1. Delete the password from your dedicated server’s configuration settings.
  2. Let your friends join without entering a password.
  3. Reset the password and add it to the config file once they join.

No Password Has Been Entered Fix #3: Submit a Bug Report

If all else fails, I suggest joining the Pocketpair/Palworld Discord server. Scroll down the channels list, and click on the “Bugs-Feedback-Form” beneath Palworld Help and Pal Server Help. Click the link to the help and feedback form in the channel description to submit a bug report.

And that’s how to fix no password has been entered error in Palworld. Stay tuned for more PW tips and tricks articles, including how to fix a black screen at launch or how to get and use ancient technology points.

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