How to Get and Use Ancient Technology Points in Palworld

Ancient Technology offers unique recipes in Palworld. Here's how to get points to unlock them.

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While standard Technology points unlock key recipes, Ancient Technology offers some quality-of-life items and a way to hatch those eggs you keep finding. In this guide, I’ll tell you how to get and use Ancient Technology Points in Palworld.

Where to Find Ancient Technology Points in Palworld

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Your Technology tab has two distinct sides. One side is for standard blue Technology Points, and the other is for purple Ancient Technology Points. The latter is more elusive to obtain, and it’s not mentioned as you progress through the tutorial. If you’re like me, you’ve got your eye on the Egg Incubator and Small Feed Bag. So, how do you get them?

Ancient Technology Points are obtained at the end of Syndicate Tower boss fights in Palworld. Since the last objective of your tutorial takes you to fight Zoe and Grizzbolt at the Rayne Syndicate Tower, you get your first five points after that fight.

You’re not limited to tower fights, though. Bosses out in the world, known as Alpha Pals, also yield points. Some I’ve encountered include Mossanda Lux, Wumpo Botan, and Chillet. They’re pretty tough, so don’t think you can just take them on like any other Pal.

How to Farm Ancient Civilization Parts Fast

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While you can’t farm bosses for more Ancient Technology Points, you can loot Ancient Civilization Parts by defeating or capturing them with a Pal Sphere. These parts are needed to craft Ancient recipes, so you need plenty of them.

Defeated Alpha Pals and Syndicate Tower bosses typically respawn after an in-game day, which is about 30 minutes for each half. So you can keep fighting them for more parts each time they return.

You should also run Dungeons as often as you can. The bosses drop Ancient Civilization Parts, and you can loot Schematics from the chests before you exit, making them well worth the effort.

Which Recipes Require Ancient Technology Points in Palworld?

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Here’s what you can craft with Ancient Technology Points and when you can unlock them:

  • Egg Incubator: Technology Level 7. Place a Pal Egg inside to incubate it.
  • Small Feed Bag: Technology Level 10. Unlocks a food slot in your inventory.
  • Grappling Gun: Technology Level 12. Fires a hook that latches on the target.
  • Pal Essence Condenser: Technology Level 14. Combines Pals of the same type to make a higher-ranked version.
  • Mega Grappling Gun: Technology Level 17. Fires a hook that latches on the target.
  • Average Feed Bag: Technology Level 20. Unlocks two food slots in your inventory.
  • Hip Lantern: Technology Level 22. Automatically lights up at night.
  • Large Feed Bag: Technology Level 26. Unlocks three food slots in your inventory.
  • Single-shot Sphere Launcher: Technology Level 29. Can capture distant Pals.
  • Giga Grappling Gun: Technology Level 31. Fires a hook that latches on the target.
  • Huge Feed Bag: Technology Level 35. Unlocks four food slots in your inventory.
  • Scatter Sphere Launcher: Technology Level 39. Captures a herd of Pals.
  • Lily’s Spear: Technology Level 40. Punishes those who neglect their Pals.
  • Decal Gun Set: Technology Level 42. Paints a Pal Decal when fired.
  • Giant Feed Bag: Technology Level 45. Unlocks five food slots in your inventory.
  • Hyper Grappling Gun: Technology Level 47. Fires a hook that latches on the target with overwhelming mobility.
  • Homing Sphere Launcher: Technology Level 50. Fires Pal Spheres that automatically home in on Pals.

That’s everything you need to know about how to get and use Ancient Technology Points in Palworld. For more, take a gander at our growing guides hub for topics like how to farm Paldium Crystals and how to get and use Pal Souls.

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