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Where to Find the Rayne Syndicate’s Tower in Palworld

Ready for your first Palworld boss fight? Here's where to find Rayne Syndicate Tower.

You’ve collected a solid party of Pals, crafted your armor, and equipped your weapons — I imagine you’re ready to take on your first Palworld boss fight. Here’s where to find the Rayne Syndicate’s Tower

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Where to Find the Rayne Syndicate Tower Location in Palworld 

Defeating the boss in Rayne Syndicate Tower is one of the last tutorial objectives you must complete. It’s not far from your starting zone, but it’s easy to get lost as you explore. Trust me, from cute Pals to mysterious chests, there’s so much that’ll grab your attention as you run about. 

The Rayne Syndicate Tower is located at the map coordinates 111, – 432. Follow the path past the Grassy Behemoth Hills statue to reach an open dirt area with several roaming Pals. Look north and note the inclined path with stone archways above it. There’s an orange glow from the statue ahead. 

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Climb the hill or take the path up. You’ll reach the Great Eagle Statue for the Rayne Syndicate Tower Entrance. The coordinates are 118, -424. Activate this Fast Travel point before continuing up the steps to the tower. If you die in the boss fight like I did, you’ll want a quick way to teleport back. 

What Level Should You be for the Rayne Syndicate Tower Boss Fight?

Once you reach the Rayne Syndicate Tower location in Palworld, you might want to think twice about actually entering it. Zoe and her Pal, Grizzbolt, are tough as nails with 30,000 HP. My first attempt was at Level 10, and I didn’t last more than a few minutes against the duo. 

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Aim to be around Level 14 or Level 15. You could try the boss fight at a lower level and possibly cheese it by kiting attacks, but you still must defeat Zoe and Grizzbolt in under 10 minutes. Thankfully, leveling up is quick early on in Palworld. If you’re a lower level, continue catching Pals and upgrading your base. You’ll know where to return once you’re ready. 

That covers where to find the Rayne Syndicate’s Tower in Palworld. Now, you should know how to find your way back if you get a bit distracted on the way. For more on this monster-catching adventure, head to our growing Palworld guides hub for topics like whether Pals evolve like Pokemon and whether you can trade with other players.

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