Can You Trade Pals with Other Players in Palworld on PC and Xbox?

Collecting Pals is an important task in Palworld, but can you trade them with friends? Here's what we know.

Player and their Pals setting up their base in Palworld
Image via Pocketpair
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Palworld features over 100 distinct Pals to catch, train, and breed as you traverse the landscape and build your base. It’s no surprise that exchanging Pals with friends is a pressing topic. With multiplayer support confirmed Early Access, can you trade Pals with other players in Palworld?

Is it Possible to Trade Pals with Other Players in Palworld?

Fortunately, trading is one monster-catcher staple in Palworld. You can, indeed, trade Pals with your friends and other players, provided you’re on the same server.

The catch? Those playing on Xbox consoles or through PC/Xbox Game Pass don’t have access to official or dedicated servers yet. Despite Pocketpair’s claims that this information was disclosed ahead of Palworld’s EA launch, many Xbox players remain in the dark when it comes to playing with friends.

How to Trade Pals on Xbox and PC

While developers push for Xbox servers, PC players can easily trade Pals with friends while they’re on the same server together. However, those playing on Xbox must send an invite to a friend or join another’s world to start trading. If don’t want to wait for access, I recommend going with the Steam version of the game on PC.

Player sneaks up on a Mammorest in Palworld
Image via Pocketpair

Can You Trade Pals from Other Servers in Palworld?

Currently, there’s no way to trade Pals between two different servers in Palworld. Without crossplay support, this means you can only trade with other players who are on the same server and on the same platform. Hopefully, we’ll receive updates to remedy these quality-of-life issues down the line.

Should You Trade Pals in Palworld?

Considering you get to choose where to build your base at the start of your Palworld playthrough, exchanging Pals with your friends can help you make progress. Admittedly, I like a good challenge when it comes to getting started in farming and life sims. However, I suggest trading if you chose a particularly barren area for your base.

With access to only a few species of Pals, you’ll certainly have your work cut out for you. The more Pals you have at your side, however, the better you’ll fare. Not only is trading a convenient way to fill out your Paldex with species from across the world, but it’s also an easy route to obtain many strong and unique Pals.

For now, that’s all there is to know about trading Pals in Palworld. As we move into the survival RPG’s EA period, you can find more of your questions answered in our growing guides hub, such as whether Pals evolve, how to fast travel, and how Palworld and Pokemon are similar.

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