Palworld: How to Get and Use Technology Points

Technology Points are vital for your progression through Palworld. Here's how to get and use them.

Player catching a Pal with a Pal Sphere in the Fort Ruins
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The basics of survival in Palworld boil down to setting up your base, capturing Pals, and crafting gear. As such, you’ll need to unlock tools, structures, and more through the Technology tab. Here, I’ll tell you how to get and use Technology Points, so you can progress quickly.

How to Get More Technology Points in Palworld

In Palworld, you unlock recipes by spending Technology Points in your Technology tab. The first row is already filled out when you enter the world, allowing you to make a Primitive Workbench, Stone Axe, Stone Pickaxe, Hand-held Torch, and Wooden Club.

It’s enough to get you started with collecting materials, but you don’t have any Technology Points to unlock recipes in the second row. Thankfully, it’s easy to get more. There are two ways to get more Technology Points: activating Great Eagle Statues and leveling up.

Fast Travel point at the Marsh Island
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How to Find Great Eagle Statues

Great Eagle Statues are Fast Travel points scattered across the Palpagos Islands in key areas. The easiest way to find them is to run and climb everywhere. As you explore, keep your eyes peeled for the statues’ orange glow in the distance. Once you activate them, they’ll turn blue. Each Great Eagle Statue yields one Technology Point.

The quicker you explore, the more statues you’ll find. Make short work of the distance by using a Glider or crafting Pal Gear that lets you mount certain Pals. However, those recipes also require Technology Points, which brings me to our next strategy: gaining EXP and leveling up.

How to Level Up Fast in Palworld

Nearly every task in Palworld yields EXP to you and your Pals, such as picking up materials, defeating Pals in combat, or crafting and building at your base. Even if you just focus on following the initial tutorial objectives, you’ll level up in a blink.

I’ve found the best way to level up quickly and get more Technology Points is by capturing Pals with Pal Spheres. Each one yields EXP, and after successfully capturing 10 of the same Pal, you’ll receive an EXP boost. Early on, I focused on farming Lamballs, Cattiva, and Cremis, which are found in the Windswept Hills starting area between the Plateau of Beginnings and Grassy Behemoth Hills.

How to Use Technology Points in Palworld

Technology Tab UI in Palworld
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Now that you’ve collected more Technology Points, you need to know where to use them. Simply open the menu and head to the Technology tab. From there, you can see how many points you have in the bottom-left corner. You’ll also notice a section for Ancient Technology Points, which are a special currency you gain from defeating Syndicate Tower bosses.

To spend Technology Points, select the recipe and confirm that you want to unlock it. The numbers over the portraits indicate how many Points are used in the process. Early on, you’ll be able to fill out rows easily, but I recommend being selective.

It’s best not to spend all your Technology Points at once since you need certain builds to progress the tutorial and create much-needed gear. Here’s a list of essential buildings and item recipes you should unlock:

  • Palbox and Pal Sphere
  • Campfire
  • Old Bow and Arrow
  • Straw Pal Bed
  • Feed Box
  • Cloth and Cloth Outfit
  • Common Shield
  • Berry Plantation
  • Normal Parachute

Prioritize unlocking Pal Gear, such as the Rushoar Saddle and Foxparks’ Harness to use their Partner Skills. Structures like the Alarm Bell, Hanging Trap, and Furniture Sets can wait. They’re not as helpful just yet.

That’s everything you need to know about how to get and use Technology Points in Palworld. Hopefully, this helps you progress quickly through this fun monster-catching adventure. For more on the game, check out our dedicated guides hub. We’ve collected a ton of tips, including how to unlock guns, rename pals, and catch humans.

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