Palworld: How to Unlock Guns: Weapons, Gunpowder, and Ammo

Obtain some high-end armaments later in your Palworld campaign. Here's how to unlock guns.

A gremlin-looking green, yellow, and blue Pal holding an assault rifle in iPalworld.
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From sticks and stones, armaments and weapons annihilate most foes from a distance. The firearms you obtain are an absolute game-changer, and you’ll want them as soon as you can geet them. Here, I’ll tell you about how to unlock guns in Palworld.

How to Get Guns in Palworld

You unlock guns in Palworld once you reach Technology Level 21. This is when you spend points to obtain the blueprints for the Musket, Gunpowder, and Coarse Ammo.

How to Craft the Musket and Ammo Items in Palworld

You craft the Musket and Gunpowder via the High-Quality Workbench, whereas the Coarse Ammo comes from the Weapon Workbench. They require the following resources:

  • Musket: +25 Ingot, +5 High-Quality Pal Oil, and +30 Wood.
  • Gunpowder: +2 Charcoal and +1 Sulfur.
  • Coarse Ammo: +1 Ingot and +1 Gunpowder.

I suggest saving up on Charcoal and Sulfur when you find these resources. I know it’s a hassle if I ever run out of these, which means I can’t make Coarse Ammo at all. So I stay stocked up.

A musket in an inventory screen in Palworld.
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How to Craft Other Guns in Palworld

There are lots of guns that you craft as you progress further in Palworld. Here are some examples:

  • Makeshift Handgun (Level 25): +35 Ingot, +10 High-Quality Pal Oil, and +30 Fiber.
  • Handgun (Level 29): +50 Ingot and +15 High-Quality Pal Oil.
  • Single-shot Rifle (Level 36): +20 Refined Ingot and +5 Polymer.
  • Double-barreled Shotgun (Level 39): +30 Refined Ingot and +7 Polymer.
  • Pump-action Shotgun (Level 42): +30 Refined Ingot, +20 Polymer, and +40 Carbon Fiber.
  • Assault Rifle (Level 45): +40 Refined Ingot, +10 Polymer, and +30 Carbon Fiber.
  • Rocket Launcher (Level 49): +75 Pal Metal Ingot, +30 Polymer, and +50 Carbon Fiber.
Screenshot by GameSkinny

In any case, that’s how to unlock guns in Palworld. It’s a long while until you have some top-tier armaments, so just keep gathering the needed materials. Likewise, take a look at our Pal work suitability guide, since creatures with the Handiwork skill might be able to use weapons systems to defend your base. For other tips and tactics, you can visit our Palworld guides hub.

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