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What are Pal Work Suitability and Jobs in Palworld?

Learn about the ideal skills and work suitability requirements when Pals are assigned in your base in Palworld.

It’s always important to determine how well certain creatures work if they’re assigned to your base, especially when it comes to their traits. Some are better at other tasks than others. Here, I’ll tell you about Pal work suitability and jobs in Palworld.

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Pal Work Suitability and the Best Jobs for Pals in Palworld

You determine Pal work suitability and the best jobs in Palworld by inspecting a creature’s traits. Follow these steps to do so:

  • Open the party screen and click on a specific Pal.
  • Check the Pal Deck and select a type of Pal.
  • Interact with a Palbox, choosing a Pal, and pressing the “F” key (keyboard) or “X” button (Xbox gamepad) to inspect that creature.

In all these instances, you’ll see the creature’s stats and abilities. The right-hand side of the panel shows a Pal’s work suitability (the ones that aren’t greyed out). These all relate to how they automatically function when assigned to your base via the Palbox.

A screen showing the work suitability  for a Relaxaurus Pal in Palworld.
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Pal Work Suitability Types and Functions

There are currently 12 types of Pal Work Suitability in Palworld:

  • Kindling: Creates fires and lights torches.
  • Planting: Spreads seedlings on plots of land.
  • Handiwork: Helps with repairs, construction, and handling of base structures.
  • Lumbering: Cuts down trees, which is great if you want to get more Wood.
  • Medicine Production: Crafts medicinal potions from herbs.
  • Transporting: Brings resources to existing containers/chests.
  • Watering: Waters seedlings to make crops grow.
  • Generating Electricity: Conducts electricity to power high-end or late-game structures.
  • Gathering: Collects herbs and nearby flora.
  • Mining: Breaks down mineral deposits, which is useful if you want to get more Stone.
  • Cooling: Helps with structures or functions that cool the atmosphere in your base.
  • Farming: Harvests nearby crops and plants.
A Palworld character watching a pink Pal mine ore and a Lamball transporting ore.
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How Pal Work Suitability Functions in Your Base

There are many ways Pal work suitability in Palworld affects how your base functions. Pals automatically perform tasks and jobs related to their work suitability.

For example, I assigned a Cattiva, which had the Mining trait, to break down Stone and Paldium deposits. Since I also assigned several Lamballs, creatures with the Transporting characteristic, they began lifting those ores, placing them inside chests.

In another instance, I wanted to plant and grow food. Although I didn’t have a Pal with the Planting ability then, I had a Relaxaurus and Pengullet, both with Watering trait. After my character tossed seeds on the plot, the two creatures hosed the spot with water automatically.

In any case, these are the best jobs based on Pal work suitability in Palworld. You can also give commands to Pals in your party. For other tips and tactics, you can visit our Palworld guides hub.

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