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Palworld Automated Farming: How to Plant and Grow Food

You can't go out on an empty stomach in Palworld. Here's how to plant and grow food.

Having a readily available food source is important since you and your party members will go hungry without it. However, creating plots and gathering the harvest isn’t clear early on. Here, I’ll tell you about how to plant and grow food in Palworld.

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When Can I Plant and Grow Food in Palworld?

You can plant and grow food in Palworld once you unlock the Berry Plantation. This blueprint comes from the Technology menu at Level 5. After unlocking it, you can build it in your base with x3 Berry Seeds, x20 Wood, and x20 Stone.

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How the Berry Plantation Works in Palworld

The process of planting and growing food in Palworld can be somewhat tedious. That’s because you must interact with the Berry Plantation by holding down the “F” key (keyboard) or “X” button (gamepad). Planting seeds and watering the crops takes roughly 60 seconds each to complete, all while your character just stands in the same place to complete the animation. You must also wait a few minutes before the fruit items are ready to be collected.

However, certain Pals can help if they’re assigned to your base via the Palbox, creating an automated farm system. Here are a few work suitability options that you want to look out for:

  • Planting: This refers to throwing seeds on plots of land.
  • Watering: The creature will automatically water the crops.
  • Farming: The Pal will harvest the ready crops.
A blue and white Pengullet Pal in a Palworld menu
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In my experience early in the game, I didn’t have a Pal with the Planting skill. However, I did have a Pengullet and Relaxaurus, both of which had the Watering skill. As such, I tossed seeds on the Berry Plantation. Then, I let the water-based Pals automatically handle the task of hosing down the crops.

In any case, that’s how you plant and grow food in Palworld. For other tips and tactics, such as how to butcher Pals, how to rename Pals, or how to find the Black Marketeer, click the links or visit our Palworld guides hub.

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