Palworld: How to Get More Wood Faster

Wood is an essential resource in Palworld. Here's how to get it.

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Chopping down trees and gathering resources is important if you want to craft better items. But the process can be a bit tedious. Here, I’ll teach you how to get more Wood faster in Palworld.

Best Way to Get More Wood Quickly in Palworld

You can get more Wood faster in Palworld by using axes. At the start of the campaign, your character is unarmed. You start your quest for resources by picking up Wood items left on the ground and end up making a Wooden Club to hit dozens of trees. However, this isn’t a good idea (and I learned that the hard way).

The best way to get wood fast is to craft the Stone Axe from the Primitive Workbench for 5 Stone and 5 Wood. Once I equipped the Stone Axe, I chopped down trees a lot faster, and each action yielded more Wood and Fiber, too.

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Best Source of Wood in Palworld: The Logging Site

You acquire most of your Wood in Palworld by picking it off the ground or felling trees. But just a few hours after starting the campaign, you learn the Level 7 Logging Site blueprint from the Technology menu. You can then build the Logging Site structure, which requires 50 Wood, 20 Stone, and 10 Paldium Fragments.

This plot of land gradually produces more Wood over time at your base. You must perform this action manually at first. Once you’ve acquired a Pal with the Lumbering trait, and it’s assigned to your base, the Pal can do this task automatically.

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Lastly, I suggest crafting the Metal Axe later on. It requires 15 Stone, 20 Wood, and 5 Ingots. This provides even better yields when you chop down trees.

That’s how you can get more Wood faster in Palworld. Don’t forget that there are various resources that you can gather, such as Stone. Naturally, you’ll also want to manage your inventory. For other tips and tactics, you can visit our Palworld guides hub.

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