Cave mineshaft location in Palworld.
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Where to Find the Black Marketeer in Palworld to Buy Rare and Unique Pals

This is where to find the shady Black Marketeer in Palworld and gain access to his clandestine inventory.

Whether you’re looking to buy or sell Pals, the Black Marketeer has an inventory of rare and unique species that are hard to find. They’ll take any Pal you want to unload. Unsurprisingly hard to locate, I’ll tell you where to find the Black Marketeer in Palworld.

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Palworld Black Marketeer Locations Map: Where to Find the Black Market Trader

The fastest way to reach the Black Marketeer is to fast travel to the Sealed Realm of the Winged Tyrant on the Sea Breeze Archipelago. Go to the Bamboo Groves area of the island. If you stumble into this zone, you know you’re close.

Black Marketeer map location.
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From there, go west to the suspended bridge. Look for the Cave Mineshaft, which is directly under the bridge, at coordinates -280, -160. I dropped down from the ledge, gliding when I started getting close to land to avoid dying. You can also climb down or ride a Pal.

Abandoned Mineshaft Black Market Trader Location

The second Black Marketeer is found in the Abandoned Mineshaft at coordinates 34, -418. Fast travel to the Desolate Church location and head west. You’ll need to drop down, climb, or fly on a Pal to reach the entrance.

Abandoned Mineshaft Map Location
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This contraband connoisseur sells Pals at lower levels but is just as creepy as his cohort. He also doesn’t have as rare of a stock. If you can reach the Cove Mineshaft, that’s the best one to visit.

The Black Marketeer is a friendly Level 40-45 boss all the way at the end of the mineshaft. He stands in a dimly lit cavern, surrounded by guillotines. Speak with him to buy or sell Pals, or attack him if you’re looking for something else, like a Gold Key.

Black Market Trader Inventory: What Does the Black Marketeer Sell?

Talking with the Black Marketeer.
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As his name implies, the Black Market Trader deals in stolen, illegal, or regularly caught Pals. However you got them, he’ll buy them from you. He also has a random inventory of Pals you can purchase, though you may need to save up if you want his prized stock.

While he’s a sketchy guy, he won’t attack you unless you attack first. Since I found him when I was Level 11, I decided not to take on a boss 34 levels higher than me.

That’s where to find the Black Marketeer in Palworld and what he sells. If you need more help with the game, check out some more of our guides to learn how to get High-Quality Pal Oil, how to breed Pals, and even which are the cutest.

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