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Palworld: How to Get High Quality Pal Oil

Get High Quality Pal Oil and start crafting Polymer in Palworld!

Palworld is often called Pokémon with guns. But if you want to arm your Pals with guns, you’ll need to gather the materials required to both build and maintain them. So, here’s how to get High Quality Pal Oil in Palworld, the main ingredient for Polymer.

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Two Ways to Get High Quality Pal Oil in Palworld

Pal Oil can’t be farmed using the Ranch like some resources, which means that gathering it becomes more time consuming. You have two options for getting High Quality Pal Oil, though, luckily enough. You just can’t have Pals sitting in a Ranch and passively giving you this material.

Method #1: Farming Pals that Drop High Quality Pal Oil

The first is killing Pals that have a chance to drop it. Some Pals that drop the oil are easy to find and kill. Here’s a full list of Pals with a chance to drop High Quality Pal Oil:

  • Digitoise
  • Dumud
  • Elpidran
  • Flambelle
  • Grintale
  • Mamorest
  • Quivern
  • Relaxaurus
  • Woolipop

My preferred method for gathering HQ Pal Oil is through killing Woolipops. They range from Level 15 to Level 20 roughly, and they roam near the Sealed Realm of the Swordmaster fast travel point. So, you can find them relatively easy early in the game. I thought the drop rate seemed high, since most Woolipops I killed dropped the oil.

Method #2: Buying From a Wandering Merchant

The other way to get High Quality Pal Oil in Palworld is a little out of the way, but ultimately a less time-consuming method. A town in the northern portion of the map called Duneshelter has a Wandering Merchant that sells High Quality Pal Oil for 300 Gold each. You can see its location on the map below. Be warned that enemies in this area are above level 30. It’s also scorching hot during the day, and icy cold at night.

A map leading to Duneshelter in Palworld

What High Quality Pal Oil is Used For

Once you have High Quality Pal Oil, you use it to make Polymer to build weapons. Polymer can’t be unlocked until Technology Level 33, but you can start getting the oil early. Some weapons can take a fair amount of oil to craft, so it’s a good idea to stock up a lot of it. For example, the Rocket Launcher needs 30 Polymer to craft. And each Polymer takes two Pal Oils, so it adds up.

That covers how to get High Quality Pal Oil in Palworld. With it, you’ll be ready to arm yourself and your Pals against any threat that comes your way. From here, check out our guide hub for more topics like how to cool down eggs in the incubator or how to speed up hatching time.

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