Palworld: How to Cool Down Pal Eggs in an Incubator

Keeping your eggs cool is just as important as keeping them warm. Here's how.

A Chillet Pal chilling in the wilds of Palworld
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Incubating eggs is one of the ways you can add rare or otherwise out-of-the-way Pals to your team in Palworld. However, in hot climates or hot bases, you need to know how to cool down Pal eggs while they’re in the Incubator. We’ll go over all about that here.

How to Cool Eggs in an Incubator in Palworld

A Chillet Pal cooling a Cooler in Palworld
Screenshot by GameSkinny

Eggs need to be at the right temperature for the fastest possible incubation, and sometimes they can get too hot. That might be because you warmed them up too much, or you’re otherwise in a hotter-than-average environment. Thankfully, it’s pretty easy to cool down a Pal Egg. Here are the three main ways:

  • Remove it from the heat. Yes, I know that’s the obvious answer, but the Incubator is fairly sensitive to temperature changes in its close vicinity. So, if you put a Campfire, Cooking Pot, Furnace, or some other building that uses a Kindling Pal, consider deconstructing it and setting it up a few additional meters away. If you have a base that’s in a milder climate, you might also just keep all your incubators there rather than in the hotter places in Palworld.
  • Add a Cooler. If the eggs in your Incubator are still a bit too hot, and you’re at least level 18, you can build a Cooler to place next to it. Bear in mind that you’ll need a ready supply of Ingots as well as a Cooling Pal to assign to the Cooler, but in hotter climes, dedicating a building to keeping your eggs cool might be your only recourse. You’ll also need to consider if your Cooling Pal needs to sleep through the night. If they do and you plan to be off adventuring, there could be a lengthy period where your egg will only be heating up during that time. The Cooler Box will also do at lower levels.
  • Keep your eggs in a cold environment. Another obvious answer? Yep. If you choose to place your eggs in a cooler environment, you can then instead use buildings like a Campfire or Heater if you’re at or past level 17. So long as you modulate the temperature properly, you should be good. Keep a watch on what the Incubator says, and if you have too much heat, just remove some sources.

Those are the best three ways to keep your incubator cool and cool down your eggs in Palworld. Pretty straightforward, but very little about the game is clearly stated by the game itself. For more on Palworld, check out our guides hub for help with how to breed Anubis, how to catch Faleris, and the best Pals for farming.

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