How to Find and Catch Faleris in Palworld

There are two ways to capture this majestic bird in Palworld.

Faleris charging an attack
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Faleris is a dangerous creature that can be fought as a tower boss or in an overworld area. Make sure you’re well-prepared for the challenge. Here, I’ll tell you about how to find and catch Faleris in Palworld.

Where to Find Faleris in Palworld

You can find a Faleris in the No. 3 Wildlife Sanctuary. Alternatively, you can exploit a bug that lets you capture it during the Marcus and Faleris boss battle in the PIDF Tower. I discuss both of these methods below.

Best Faleris Location: No. 3 Wildlife Sanctuary

The normal method to catch a Faleris in Palworld sends you to the No. 3 Wildlife Sanctuary at the coordinates 658, 625, which is an island with ancient ruins in the northeastern portion of the map. The closest fast-travel point is the Deep Sand Dunes at 527, 526.

Overhead view of the desert biome pinpointing the PIDF tower and No. 3 Wildlife Sanctuary
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Wildlife Sanctuaries have randomized Pal spawns. In my case, Faleris was already there when I arrived. If it doesn’t spawn, fly back out to sea, then back to the island, just to force the spawns to change.

You must have both Cold Resistant Metal Armor and Heat Resistant Metal Armor for this trek. That’s because you’ll need to cross the Dessicated Desert. During the day, it’s extremely hot. Then, at nighttime, the temperature drops. Swap between the two armor types to survive.

How to Catch Faleris in Palworld: Weaknesses and Which Spheres to Use

I found this encounter quite tough since the Faleris in this area is roughly level 42. Beware of its attacks that cause fire damage over time as your character burns. Moreover, you need higher-tier Pal Spheres, such as the Ultra Spheres or Legendary Spheres, for a better shot at capturing this flying creature.

Faleris is a Fire-type Pal, so a party of Water-types is your way to victory. This includes Pals like Suzaku Aqua, Jormuntide, Relaxaurus, Penking, and Pengullet.

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How to Capture Faleris Tower Boss Using a Glitch

Another way to catch Faleris in Palworld involves a glitch. To start, make sure you have access to the PIDF Tower fast travel point, which you can activate at 558, 324. You also need access to fast travel points near settlements. These tend to have neutral NPCs guarding the area. The goal is to shoot the guards to turn them hostile. Then, immediately fast travel to the PIDF Tower. This also causes the NPCs to teleport along for the ride.

Upon entering the PIDF Tower, the guards also spawn alongside you. Now, instead of attacking Faleris, just wait until the guards take aggro instead. When the NPCs draw Faleris’ attention, use any Pal Sphere to capture it. This glitch should help you catch most Pals in boss encounters, though it might take a while before you can successfully replicate it in practice.

Faleris attacking a player during a boss fight
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Faleris Drops, Active Skills, and Work Suitability

Faleris drops Flame Organs, a necessary crafting material. It also has the following Active Skills:

  • Ignis Blast: Hurls a ball of fire straight at an enemy.
  • Spirit Fire: Shoots fireballs at a target; the projectiles explode and generate smaller fireballs that spread forward.
  • Lightning Bolt: Charges electric energy before unleashing a powerful blast.

This Fire-type Pal also has Kindling level 3 and Transporting level 3, making it a decent Base Pal to have on hand if you’re looking to optimize production.

How to Breed Faleris in Palworld

With a Breeding Farm placed in your base, you can pair certain Pals to hatch a Faleris. There are two pairings that work. The obvious option is combining two Faleris parents, one female and one male. You can also combine an Anubis and Vanwrym for the same result. While you can get Anubis from breeding Penking and Bushi, you can incubate Scorching Eggs for a chance at hatching a Vanwyrm. You could also catch Vanwyrms in the volcanic biome of Mount Obsidian.

In any case, this is how you find and catch a Faleris in Palworld. There are other rare creatures that you can catch while exploring. Examples include Grizzbolt and Katress. For other tips and tactics, you can visit our Palworld guides hub.

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