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How to Find and Catch Katress in Palworld

You can catch this mysterious dark type foe in Palworld.

Dark-type creatures such as Katress drop vital resources for crafting. If you’re looking to get more Katress Hair, you’ll need to find one. Here, I’ll tell you how to find and catch Katress in Palworld.

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Where to Find Katress in Palworld

You can find the boss version of Katress in Palworld by entering the Sealed Realm of the Invincible dungeon at 246, -336. It’s directly northeast of the Rayne Syndicate’s Tower. There’s also a nearby fast travel point called Islandhopper Coast at 242, -310.

Katress is also found as a normal Pal exclusively at night. It’s active near Hypocrite Hill, Gobfin’s Turf, and Mossanda Forest.

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How to Catch and Defeat Katress in the Sealed Realm of the Invincible

In the Sealed Realm of the Invincible, Katress is a level 23 boss. If you’re well below this level, then things might get too tough. I suggest watching out for the Katress’ abilities, including a dark energy discharge and a homing orb that tracks your character.

In my case, I was around level 30 when I fought Katress. Your best strategy is to bring a Dragon-type for a direct counter. But I used a Nitewing, which battled the target without any issues, likely because I was over-leveled for the fight. I also recalled Nitewing when the boss’ HP was too low. Then, I used a Mega Sphere to capture it. But if you kill Katress without intending to, don’t worry since dungeon bosses respawn after an hour or so.

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Katress Drops, Active Skills, and Work Suitability

Katress drops a High Grade Technical Manual, Katress Hair, Ancient Civilization Parts, and Leather. It also has the following Active Skills:

  • Shadow Burst: Quickly discharges dark energy that damages those around it.
  • Flare Arrow: A fire-based skill where the creature shoots three arrows in quick succession, homing in on a target.
  • Dark Ball: Spawns a sphere of darkness that slowly tracks a target.

This Dark-type Pal also has multiple Work Suitability perks at level 2, including Handiwork, Medicine Production, and Transporting.

In any case, that’s how you find and catch a Katress in Palworld. There are other rare creatures that you can catch while exploring. Examples include Grizzbolt and Faleris. For other tips and tactics, you can visit our Palworld guides hub.

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