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How to Breed Pals in Palworld

Breeding in Palworld is important for getting Pals you want or cool combos. Here's how to do it.

Breeding Pals increases the number of creatures you have available to assign as workers or take with you into fights. But it also allows you to create new Pal combos depending on which ones you use. Here, I’ll tell you how to breed Pals in Palworld.

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How Breeding Works in Palworld: Farms, Pal Types, and Cake

Breeding Pals creates Eggs that you can then incubate and hatch. But Pal Eggs can be found in the wild as well. Breeding Eggs gives you more control over which Pals are produced. To breed Pals, you need a few things first: a Breeding Farm, a male and a female Pal, and Cake.

How to Build a Breeding Farm

Technology tab recipes with the Breeding Farm recipe
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To build a Breeding Farm in Palworld, you must unlock it using Technology Points from leveling. It’s then available in the Level 19 row of the Technology tree. It’s a large building, so I make sure to put it on the edge of my base. It requires x50 Fiber, x20 Stone, and x100 Wood.

How to Place Pals in the Breeding Farm

Place a male and female Pal in your Breeding Farm. You can tell the Pal’s gender by looking at the symbol to the right of their name. Females have red symbols, and males have blue symbols.

Add Cake to the Breeding Farm

It took me a while to figure out why my Pals weren’t breeding. I placed them in the Breeding Farm and thought they’d get to business. But then I found out I needed Cake! You unlock the Cake Recipe with the Cooking Pot from the Level 17 Technology row. Then, you need the following ingredients:

  • x2 Eggs
  • x5 Flour
  • x2 Honey
  • x7 Milk
  • x8 Red Berries

Now, toss in some cakes and be patient. Breeding Pals can be a long process; I tend to mine ore or complete other tasks while I wait. Once an Egg appears, you can hatch it and either get the same species if the parents are the same species, or a new hybrid Pal if the parents are different species.

And that covers how to breed Pals in Palworld. It’s a lot of fun to try different combinations and see what hatches from the eggs. But from here, check out our guides hub for more topics like the best containers to build or how to cure Pal status effects.

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