How to Craft Medicine to Cure Pal Status Effects in Palworld

Keep your Pals healthy by using Medicine to cure status effects in Palworld!

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Your Pals will get sick, injured, or even depressed at some point. Mine end up with fractures and minor injuries regularly, especially after a raid. Here, I’ll tell you how to craft Medicine to cure Pal status effects in Palworld.

How to Craft Medicine to Remove Pal Status Effects in Palworld

Aside from Medicine, you can also make juices that increase a Pal’s productivity, but lowers their sanity. First, reach Level 12 and pick up the Medieval Medicine Workbench in the Technology tab. Building the workbench requires x30 Wood, x5 Nails, and x10 Paldium Fragments.

Medicine Recipe List and What Each Cures

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After building the workbench, you can craft five recipes with it. The actual crafting can be assigned to a Pal with the Medicine Production skill. Here are the Medicines, what they fix, and what you need to craft them.

Low Grade Medical Supplies: Fixes Colds and Sprains.

  • x5 Red Berries
  • x2 Horns

Medical Supplies: Fixes Ulcers and Fractures.

  • x3 Ingots
  • x3 Horns
  • x1 Bone

High Grade Medical Supplies: Fixes Weakened and Depressed Statuses.

  • x5 Ingots
  • x5 Horns
  • x2 Bones

Suspicious Juice: Improves Mood and Work Speed, Lowers Sanity.

  • x3 Beautiful Flowers
  • x3 Horns
  • x1 Bone
  • x1 Pal Fluid

Strange Juice: Greatly Improves Mood and Work Speed, Large Drop to Sanity.

  • x5 Beautiful Flowers
  • x5 Horns
  • x2 Bones
  • x2 Pal Fluids

Usually, consumables have a timer that shows when they spoil, but Medicines are exempt from that. Since they don’t degrade, you can put them in any type of storage or carry them with you. However, your combat Pals aren’t usually affected by these status effects if you’re fighting away from base. Assigning them to tasks at your base or using them to defend against a raid might result in them needing Medicine.

And that covers how to craft Medicines to cure Pal status effects in Palworld. The ingredients for Medicine can be tough to gather at the beginning, but becomes much easier as you level. From here, check out our guide hub for more topics like how to remove Wanted status or the best containers to build.

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