Palworld Criminal Activity Underway: How to Remove Wanted Status

Here's how to remove the Wanted Status after participating in criminal activity in Palworld.

Character with Wanted status being shot by guards
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Did you attack a friendly human NPC to either loot it or try to capture it as a Pal? If so, you probably have the Wanted status on you for assault and a bunch of guards shooting you. When criminal activity is underway, here’s how to remove the Wanted status in Palworld.

How to Remove the Wanted Status in Palworld After Criminal Activity

The Palworld Wanted status doesn’t have a timer on it like the Wanted status in a game like GTA, and it feels like the guards chase you forever when you have it.

How to Get and Remove the Wanted Status

Palworld death/defeat screen
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Even accidentally hitting a friendly NPC gets the attention of the PIDF guards on you. I discovered this early when I hit the first survivor in the tutorial and received the Wanted status for assault. Unfortunately, the only way to clear this status is by dying.

You don’t need to die to the guards to clear the status. But standing there and letting them shoot you might be faster. Otherwise, you just prolong the status effect and the time that guards chase after you.

The Best Positioning for Clearing the Status

In theory, you could try eliminating all the guards and witnesses. But the guards seem to spawn indefinitely and chase you as far as you’re willing to run. As such, the best thing to do is run toward a fast travel location before dying. That way, grabbing the items and equipment you drop is quick and easy since you drop everything when you die.

And that covers how to remove the Wanted status in Palworld. I’d love to see a patch in the future that gives us another way to clear this status without dying. Something like GTA where surviving or running far enough away lowers the status gradually until it’s removed. But for now, check out our guide hub for more topics like the trick for how to capture any boss or how to speed up egg hatching time.

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