Palworld: The Trick for How to Capture Any Boss

One Palworld trick lets you capture any and every boss!

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Are you looking for a surefire way to capture any boss and keep it as a powerful Pal in your collection? It turns out that there’s a way that works for capturing any boss, at least until it ends up getting patched. So, here’s the trick for how to catch any boss in Palworld.

Here’s How to Use the Trick for Capturing Any Boss in Palworld

The key to this method involves using the NPC AI in your favor, but you also want to have decent stamina and health levels to pull it off. First, you need to become Wanted. Afterward, you have to perform a little trick to get any boss in Palworld.

Step #1: Get Wanted Status

This trick was found by u/windowhihi on Reddit, and it makes use of the Wanted status. This status sends NPC guards after you because you committed a crime. However, the guards can be used to glitch the boss and let you capture it easily. First, you need to get guards to attack you. The easiest way is to attack a friendly human NPC like the one in the image below. This gives you the Wanted status for assault.

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Step #2: Pick A Fight with A Boss

Next, travel to the location of the boss you want to capture. The guards follow you there, but you need to avoid their attacks and stay alive until the boss AI glitches and resets. Once it resets, throw your Pal Sphere to capture the boss.

Your final step is dying to the guards, which clears you of the Wanted status. That lets you respawn with your new Pal in your collection. I recommend storing any items you don’t want to lose since you drop everything on death. This way, you don’t have to go back to collect anything precious you might’ve dropped.

And that’s the trick for how to catch any boss in Palworld. The method works for every boss right now, but it’s possible that it’ll be patched out in the future. Until then, head to our guide hub for more topics like how to get and use Pal Souls or the best containers to build.

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