How to Increase Base Storage in Palworld: Best Base Containers to Build

Here's how to increase base storage and the best containers.

A full large storage chest in Palworld
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We’re lucky that workbenches pull straight from storage at our base, but not-so-lucky that the earliest chest we can make only has 10 inventory slots. In this guide, I’ll go over how to increase base storage and which technologies will give more storage in Palworld.

How to Increase Base Storage in Palworld

One of the earliest technologies you pick up in Palworld is the one for the Wooden Chest at Level 2, but there are several storage items you can unlock as you level up. Some are meant to hold food and prevent spoilage, like the Cooler. So which are the best storage containers to aim for, and when can you expect them?

Because it takes so long to get to the best storage containers, the easiest to build and highest slot container isn’t available until Level 39. Until then, these are your best storage chest options leading up to them:

  • At Level 8, you can unlock the Wooden Tavern Furniture Set technology, which includes the Wooden Barrel Shelf. This storage option has 15 slots, a full five more than the Wooden Chest, and is available relatively early. It’s also just a nice one for indoor storage, when you start getting fancy with your base layout.
  • Next is the Antique Wardrobe, packed into the Antique Furniture Set technology at Level 14 with 20 slots to work with. This one’s also on the more decorative side.
  • The next regular chest you can unlock is the Metal Chest at Level 16. The Metal Chest has over double the amount of storage space that the Wooden Chest offers, a full 24 slots.

The Best Base Storage Containers in Palworld

There are two 40-slot containers you can unlock and make in Palworld, and you might want to use them both for entirely different reasons. The first is unlocked at Level 32 with the Storage Container Set: the Large Container. The Large Container is your first option for 40 slots, with the caveat being that it’s massive in size.

The player next to a Large Container in Palworld
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More reasonable is the Refined Metal Chest, which is unlocked by the Refined Metal Chest technology at Level 39. It’s easier to build, and isn’t a giant shipping container like the Large Container above is. The problem is how long it takes to unlock the best storage container, which is why we’ve highlighted other options above. Level 39 takes a long time to reach.

Now you know how to improve base storage and the best storage containers you can get in Palworld. If you found this guide helpful, check out some of our other guides on the game, such as how to find and catch Lovander, how to get Pal Eggs, and how to get flying mounts.

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