How to Get Flying Mounts in Palworld

Ready to take to the skies? Here's how to get your first flying mount in Palworld.

Player flying with a mount
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Level 15 is a major milestone, opening up the ability to make Flour, Crossbows, and a Saddle for flying. But if you see an “unknown item” box in your Technology tab, you haven’t caught the right Pal yet. Here, I’ll tell you how to get a Flying mount in Palworld.

Where to Find a Flying Mount in Palworld

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The earliest Flying mount you can capture in Palworld is a Nitewing. Thankfully, you don’t have to look far from your starting zone. I consistently spot Nitewings flying over the map coordinates 201, -491. This brings you to a circular dirt patch with Lamballs and Cattivas. Look to the sky for this Pal. If you don’t see it, run between the Grassy Hills Behemoth Statue (173, -474) and Plateau of Beginnings (118, -425).

How to Capture Nitewing to Fly in Palworld

Nitewing floating down to Player holding a bow
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Once you see a Nitewing, here’s how to catch it:

  • Equip a Bow and craft arrows. A ranged weapon is crucial. At this point, you likely have access to an enhanced Old Bow, Poison Bow, or Fire Bow. I used an Old Bow and ensured I had a Shield since this Pal hits hard.
  • Summon a Pal to help. Nitewings are tough if you’re drawing all the threat. Summon a Pal with decent damage output and can hold its own. Don’t use one that will kill the Nitewing before you can capture it. Eikthyrdeer is the biggest offender, in my experience. I opted for a Teafant instead.
  • Switch to a Mega Sphere. Pal Spheres are great, but you want something that can catch higher-level Pals. Use the best Sphere in your toolkit to give yourself the best shot at this flying mount.
  • Initiate the Fight. Get as many ranged shots off as you can as Nitewing descends to ground level. Dodge its charge attack, and throw your Sphere when its HP drops enough.

I highly recommend doing your best to win this fight in the first go. My first time fighting Nitewing ended in defeat, and after I respawned, it took me 10 minutes to find it again. Save yourself the time and make this one count.

How to Craft a Nitewing Saddle

With a Nitewing captured and awaiting your command, it’s time to get your flying gear ready. Just as you would for riding ground mounts, you need a Pal Gear Workbench to get started. To build one, you’ll need x10 Paldium Fragments, x30 Wood, and x2 Cloth.

Player and Lamball making a Nitewing Saddle
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From there, unlock the Nitewing Saddle found in row 15 of your Technology tab. It costs two Technology points, and the recipe is as follows:

  • x20 Leather
  • x10 Cloth
  • x15 Ingot
  • x20 Fiber
  • x20 Paldium Fragment

For some reason, this flying mount Saddle takes a lot longer to craft than other Pal Gear. My Eikthyrdeer Saddle went much quicker. As such, have Handiwork Pal help you. Otherwise, you might hold down the crafting button for longer than you’d like.

How to Ride a Flying Pal in Palworld

Player riding a Nitewing above Grassy Hills
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After you craft the Nitewing Saddle, it unlocks Nitewing’s Partner Skill that allows you to mount it. Summon the Pal with “E” if you use mouse and keyboard or “LB” for controller. Then, hold down the Partner Skill button, which is “F” for the keyboard or “X” for the controller.

You officially have a Flying Mount in Palworld now. You can take to the skies on Nitewing’s back, which allows you to avoid the hassle of climbing cliffsides and possibly falling if you lose Stamina. This process will work for any future Flying Pals you come across on your journey.

That’s how you capture a Nitewing and get a Flying Mount in Palworld. For more tips, such as the best ways to farm Paldium Crystals and how to get and use Pal Souls, check out our growing guides hub.

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