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How to Get Leather in Palworld

Leather is a crucial resource in Palworld. Here's how to get it.

Leather is a vital resource for crafting key items. To make Pal Gear, you need a sizeable collection of it. But is it as easy as getting Stone and Wood? Not exactly. In this guide, I’ll cover the best ways to get Leather in Palworld

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Best Ways to Obtain Leather in Palworld

Similar to Pal Fluids, Leather is easily looted from a Pal and used in various crafting recipes. NPCs, such as the Wandering Merchant, who might visit your base, also sell it. 

I recommend saving your gold, though. With plenty of low-level Pals roaming the starting zone, it’s more efficient to farm Leather instead. To get it from one of these Pokemon-like creatures, you must either capture them using a Pal Sphere or defeat them completely in combat. Both strategies have a chance to yield the resource. 

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I never tire of throwing Pal Spheres, but the more diverse my Pal collection gets, the less I want to waste them on several of the same Pals just to get Leather. Plus, they require a lot of resources to craft. This can hinder your ability to build resource-heavy structures for your base, such as a Hot Spring. Defeating Pals is the best way to avoid needlessly depleting your inventory

Which Pals Drop Leather in Palworld? 

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Many low-level Pals drop Leather in early areas. Whether on your way to the Small Settlement, heading up to the Fort Ruins, or traveling to the Rayne Syndicate Tower, you’ll encounter one of these creatures. If you ever forget where you found one, double-check their habitats by looking them up in your Paldeck.  

Here’s a list of those I’ve found, along with their other drops:

  • Foxparks: Leather, Flame Organ.
  • Rushoar: Rushoar Pork, Leather, Bone.
  • Nox: Leather, Small Pal Soul.
  • Eikthyrdeer: Eithyrdeer Venison, Leather, Horn.
  • Fuack: Leather, Pal Fluids.
  • Melpaca: Leather, Wool.

What Recipes Require Leather in Palworld? 

As mentioned, Leather is a necessary material to make Pal Gear. This equipment allows you to unlock your Pals’ Partner Skills, which are special abilities that let them shoot guns, be mounted, and more. 

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Pal Gear recipes that require Leather include:

  • Foxparks’s Harness: Allows Foxparks to attack as a flamethrower. 
    • x3 Leather
    • x5 Flame Organ 
    • x5 Paldium Fragment
  • Rushoar Saddle: Allows the player to safely ride a Rushoar.
    • x3 Leather
    • x10 Stone
    • x5 Paldium Fragments
  • Daedream’s Necklace: If Daedream is in your team, it will stay by your side and attack enemies in tandem. 
    • x5 Leather
    • x10 Fiber
    • x10 Paldium Fragments

That’s everything you need to know about how to get Leather in Palworld. If you focus on farming these Pals, you’ll have more than enough resources to craft equipment. While you’re here, take a look at our guides hub for more Palworld tips, such as where to find the Rayne Syndicate Tower and whether Pals can evolve

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