Palworld: How to Fix Pal Sphere Not Working

As you capture Pals in Palworld, you might run into a bug that says you don't have Pal Spheres available. Here's how to fix it.

Pal Sphere capturing a Pal
Screenshot by GameSkinny
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Nothing is more confusing than having an inventory full of Pal Spheres, but you can’t throw them at your targeted Pal. How else do you capture them? Well, I’ve figured out a fix. Here’s what to do when your Pal Spheres aren’t working in Palworld.

How to Fix Pal Sphere Not Appearing in Palworld

Once you’ve widdled down a Pal’s health in Palworld, the next thing to do is launch a Pal Sphere at them and hope the capture goes smoothly. Imagine my surprise after I pressed “Q” on my keyboard only to see my character holding nothing. Additionally, red text appeared saying, “No Pal Spheres available.” I had just crafted over 10 Spheres, so what gives?

This bug is likely due to Palworld being an Early Access title, as it’s still working out connection problems and other issues. But if you’ve tried to throw a Sphere to no avail, I’ve found one fix that works every time.

Player making Pal Spheres at Primitive Workbench
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Confirmed Fix for No Pal Spheres Available Error

Initially, I thought exiting my world and restarting the game would solve the No Pal Spheres Available bug. That wasn’t the case. To get your Pal Spheres working again, simply use a Workbench to craft more. You need at least one Paldium Fragment, three Wood, and three Stone to make a single Sphere. If you have plenty of resources, I recommend crafting a nice bulk of them.

After doing so, add them to your inventory. Test it by attempting to throw one (“Q” for keyboard, “RB” for controller). At this point, the game recognized my Pal Spheres, allowing them to work as normal. And unless you’re aiming it at a Pal, you can just cancel this test throw. You don’t want to waste these.

Other Reasons Your Pal Sphere Won’t Work in Palworld

Normal Pal Sphere almost catching a Pal
Screenshot by GameSkinny

If you’re still having trouble with the game saying you don’t have any Pal Spheres available, there are other things to check.

  • Ensure you picked up the Spheres from your Workbench. I’m constantly running away from my campfire or benches after making an item. Palworld doesn’t automatically add crafted items to your inventory, so you must ensure you’re acquiring them yourself.
  • Check the type of Sphere you’re using. The Pal Spheres you make early on aren’t their only variation. You might’ve picked up a Mega Sphere out in the world, used it, and you haven’t switched back to the normal balls. If you’re playing with a mouse and keyboard, you can press “2” to switch the Sphere type. For controller, press down on the D-pad.

That’s everything you need to know about how to fix Pal Sphere’s not working in Palworld. It can be confusing when the game tells you none are available, but you know you have them in your inventory. Hopefully, this fix helps! For more tips, check out our dedicated Palworld guides hub for topics like how to Fast Travel and whether the game is procedurally generated.

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