Are the Palworld Map and Resources Procedurally Generated?

Procedural generation is popular these days. Does Palworld follow the trend?

A giant Chikipi in Palworld
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Procedural generation is a popular developer tool these days, but not every gamer is fond of randomly generated worlds (Case in point: Starfield). In this guide, I’ll tell you whether Palworld is procedurally generated to any degree.

Is Palworld Procedurally Generated? A Step Away From Modern Trends

Is Palworld procedurally generated? No, it’s not. There are a lot of ways in which Palworld encompasses the modern idea of a survival game, but procedural generation isn’t part of it.

Procedurally generated worlds and maps are those that are randomized each time the player starts a new game, providing a fresh but usually less lively world than those that are designed and developed.

Palworld doesn’t have any sort of procedural generation. The map is static from one world to the next, meaning you’ll always find the same resources and landmarks in the same places between generated worlds. The map is 16 square kilometers of carefully placed environmental details, which may come as good news if you’re as tired of lifeless generated maps as I am.

The player about to attack a giant Chikipi in Palworld
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Your favorite Paldium Fragment farming spots across any world you host or join are in the same places, and Pals aren’t strewn about the landscape at random either. Though some may contest this means the game will get stale after a time, one could also argue that procedurally generated worlds are stale on launch since there’s no care put into the placement of landmarks, resources, and mobs.

You’ll notice the lack of procedural generation in Palworld when you try to join multiplayer servers. You’ll be given a list of spawn points, which are the same across any world you try to join.

So that’s it: there’s no procedural generation in Palworld. This might come as great news, or it might come as bad news. But there’s no changing the fact. Check out some of our other Palworld guides here on GameSkinny, such as how to get Paldium Fragments or the best stats to level up.

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