Palworld: Best Character Stats to Level Up and Upgrade First

Focus on the stats that matter most in Palworld and pick these ones first.

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Your journey will be long and take you through multiple biomes against various enemies and teams, so it’s important to consider which attributes to focus on first. Here, I’ll tell you the best character stats to level up first and focus on in Palworld.

What are the Best Character Stats to Level Up in Palworld?

The best character stats to level up in Palworld are health/HP, stamina, attack, and weight. After putting dozens of hours into “Pokemon with guns,” I’ve discovered these are the ideal options to upgrade, especially when considering how the challenge ramps up later in the game.

How to Upgrade Your Character Stats in Palworld

To level up your stats in Palworld, open your inventory sheet (also called your character sheet) by pressing the Tab key on keyboard or the Menu button on Xbox. This is the options button if you’re playing with a PlayStation controller on PC. If you’ve amassed enough experience points, you click on the Enhance Stats button on the right-hand side of the panel.

You then boost a certain attribute of your choosing, preferably one of the ones I’ve highlighted above. As expected, that value increases. Click on the “Okay” button to save the points you’ve allocated.

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Why You Should Increase Your HP, Stamina, Attack, and Weight

There are plenty of reasons you want to focus on these as the best stats to upgrade in Palworld.

HP: Once your HP depletes fully, you become incapacitated. You respawn in the nearest waypoint, fast travel point, or base. As such, getting knocked out costs a lot of time, especially when you need to return to a location or fight the same tough enemy.

Stamina: Stamina drains when you attack using melee weapons, but it depletes faster when you sprint, jump, or gather materials (e.g. chopping down trees or mining deposits). Since combat involves running after Pals and striking them, you must have enough stamina to ensure you can perform all the necessary actions.

Attack: Aside from crafting better weapons, having a higher attack stat boosts your offensive capabilities.

Weight: The weight attribute represents your carry weight or encumbrance. If you go above this threshold, your character can’t sprint, and you only walk slowly. If you’re well past that point, then your character won’t move. I suggest reading my inventory management guide, which also works in conjunction with farming and gathering activities.

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Lastly, I want to underscore the importance of the Statue of Power, which is built in your base after learning the blueprint via the Technology menu. This structure boosts your Pal’s abilities. However, the only function it improves for your character is your Capture Rate, or how successful you are when attempting to capture weakened Pals. Something good to have.

In any case, those are the best stats to level up and upgrade first in Palworld. For other tips and tactics, you can visit our Palworld guides hub.

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