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Palworld: How to Manage Inventory

Here's how to best manage your inventory in Palworld to keep the items you need.

As you explore a wider landscape and gather more resources, you must ensure that you can carry everything you need. Otherwise, you’ll have a tough time, constantly going back and forth. Here, I’ll tell you how to manage your inventory in Palworld.

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Best Ways to Manage Your Inventory in Palworld

You can manage your inventory in Palworld by splitting and dropping items, increasing your Weight stat, letting your Pals handle the workload, or crafting Wooden Chests.

Increase Your Weight Stat Work

First things first: the Weight stat represents your character’s encumbrance. Go beyond this limit, and your character can only walk slowly. They can’t run, and they can’t attack as well. If you lug around even more items beyond this point, you can’t move at all. Increasing your weight stat by just a little bit is one of the best things you can do for inventory management.

Build Wooden Chests

The best way to manage your inventory in Palworld, at least in the early game, is by crafting Wooden Chests. You must learn the blueprint via the Technology menu. Craft it via the Primitive Workbench. Each Wooden Chest requires 15 Wood and 5 Stone. Each container also has 10 slots to hold various items.

Later in Palworld, I suggest crafting the Metal Chest and, eventually, the Storage Container Set. These have even more slots to store your goodies.

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How to Split and Drop Items in Your Inventory

The most basic method of managing your inventory in Palworld is by throwing a bunch of items that you don’t need. To do this, simply open your inventory by pressing the tab key on keyboard or menu button on Xbox, then hover over a stack of resources. Press and hold the shift key or LS to select half of the amount, then click on the “Drop” button in the lower-left corner of the panel.

This splits your stack and drops half of it, though you can still come back for it later. I’ve done this a few times, especially when I ended up gathering too much Wood and Stone, and I had to place them in a container.

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Let Pals Undertake Tasks in Your Base

Last but not least, you can always let your Pals handle the workload. You must do the following:

  • Interact with a Palbox you’ve constructed and open the menu.
  • Select a Pal’s portrait and drag it to any of the slots in the “Pals at the Base” section.
  • The Pals assigned to your base will start gathering resources if they have a matching trait (i.e. Lumbering or Mining). Most Pals also transport materials. They carry resources and place them inside chests and containers.

That’s how to manage your inventory in Palworld. Make sure you’ve got the right tools when you’re heading out, and that you can carry enough goodies for your journey. For other tips and tactics, you can visit our Palworld guides hub.

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