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Palworld Lovander Locations: How to Find and Catch Lovander

If you want to complete your Paldeck, you'll need to know where to find each Pal. Here's where you can catch Lovander.

Right between Tombat at 68 and Flambelle at 70, you’ll find Lovander occupying the 69th spot of your Paldeck. This pink Pal is all about romance. And one of its drops helps you breed your Pals. Here, I’ll tell you how to find and catch Lovander in Palworld.

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Where to Find Lovander in Palworld

Lovander is a Neutral-type Pal that prefers desert habitats and is only active at night. This means bringing Cloth Armor, a Torch, or a Kindling Pal is vital to survive the nighttime cold. Here are the two main locations to find Lovander, along with the most convenient Great Eagle Statues for fast traveling. Plus, a bonus way if you’d like to catch one from the comfort of your base.

Lovander Location #1: Twilight Dunes

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This Lovander location is south of Ice Wind Island. The zone is great for farming Pals between Levels 11 and 18. But it’s also riddled with gun-toting Syndicate enemies, so be on your guard. Once night falls, explore the area near the center of the dunes (around -145, -95) and closer to the coast (-94, -144).

Here you’ll find Lovanders around Levels 18 and 24, manageable if you’re at least Level 16 and bring a hard-hitting Pal with you. Dinossom and Nitewing were my Pals of choice. The nearest Great Eagle Statue locations are as follows:

  • Investigator’s Fork: -217, 207
  • Sealed Realm of the Winged Tyrant: -263, -154
  • Ice Wind Island: -352, 76

Lovander Location #2: Duneshelter

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If you’re ready for more of a challenge, head to Marsh Island and fly north across the water until you reach the Dessicated Desert, another Lovander location. Pals here are above Level 30 and aggroed easily. Continue northeast until you reach the Duneshelter Settlement. Lovander patrols the surrounding desert either solo or in groups. The one I found was Level 35, so make sure you’re equipped for a tough battle. The two nearest Great Eagle Statues are:

  • Duneshelter: 356, 347
  • PIDF Tower Entrance: 541, 335

Lovander Location #3: Bandwagon Fan Girl Base Raids

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There isn’t an exact location for this one because it’s dependent on where you place your base. Raids interrupt your base’s peaceful existence pretty often in Palworld. While it brings the threat of danger and the possibility of losing some of your structures or Pals, it also brings elusive Pals straight to your doorstep.

If you ever get a notification that Bandwagon Fan Girls are invading your base, that means you have a group of Lovanders on the way. In my experience, this is the easiest way to catch your first Lovander. Your other Pals are there to assist you, so you can cut down their HP quickly. And I’ve found their levels are usually lower than mine, making them easier to catch.

How to Catch Lovander in Palworld: Weaknesses and Which Spheres to Use

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Depending on the level of your targeted Lovander, you should keep a diverse toolkit of Pal Spheres. I had the least luck with the standard balls, but Mega Spheres, Giga Spheres, and Hyper Spheres all work well against Lovander. However, if you’re going against a high-level one at Duneshelter, use your best Sphere to be safe.

Lovander is also weak to Dark-type Pals, such as Daedream or Depresso. But if you don’t have any in your party, not all is lost. Dinossom and Nitewing worked well for me even though they’re Grass and Neutral Pals.

Lovander Drops, Partner Skill, and Work Suitabilities

I keep Lovander in my party at all times for combat support from their Partner Skill, but they also have a varied spread of Work Suitability Traits. Here’s everything you need to know about this Pal:

  • Type: Neutral
  • Partner Skill: Heart Drain. Grants the player and Lovander the life steal effect, which absorbs some of the received damage and restores HP.
  • Work Suitability: Handiwork, Mining, Medicine Production, Transporting
  • Drops: Mushroom, Cake, Suspicious Juice, Strange Juice

That covers where to find and how to catch Lovander in Palworld. For more tips, such as how to get and use Milk and best Ore locations, check out our dedicated guides hub.

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