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Does the Palworld Day Timer Matter? Day vs. Night Differences

Is the Day Timer just for show, or are there differences between Day and Night in Palworld?

Like many survival crafting games, Palworld features a day and night cycle. However, this day timer isn’t just for show, and there are reasons to be out during both night and day. So, how much does the Palworld day timer matter, and what are the differences between day vs night?

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How Much Does the Palworld Day Time Matter and What are the Differences Between Day and Night?

Day and Night last about a half hour each, meaning a full day in-game lasts roughly an hour.

How Long Day and Night Last in Palworld

You’re probably pretty familiar with daytime in Palworld. If you’re like me, you’ve been sleeping during the night cycle and continuing to explore and collect Pals during the following day. However, different effects take place during the night, and some Pals can only be found then.

The Effects of Nighttime in Palworld

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When night falls, the temperature drops, so you must be by a fire-type Pal or wear armor if you aren’t by a fire. Since your surroundings are also darker, you need a lamp or a Pal that can produce light. Meanwhile, certain Pals sleep at night, so catching them becomes easier than during the day. And if those Pals work at your base, they also sleep at night when assigned as workers, meaning they won’t be working.

How to Catch Pals at Night in Palworld

But catching certain Pals at night comes with difficulties due to the lower temperatures, reduced visibility, and possibly being attacked by other Pals at the same time. However, if you want to catch a Daedream or Lovander, you must go out during the night since that’s the only time they spawn.

And that answers if the Palworld day timer matters, along with the differences between day and night. Because of the way that Pals’ cycles work and the fact that some only come out at night, it’s important to know which ones you can catch and when based on the time of day. From here, check out our guide hub for more topics like how to get and use Ancient Technology Points or how to get a flying mount.

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