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How to Get and Use Milk in Palworld

Milk is a consumable and crafting component when cooking in Palworld.

Milk isn’t just a beverage in Palworld, it’s also a necessary resource to craft other consumable items. Created by a Pal, this is how to get and use Milk in Palworld.

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How to Get Milk in Palworld and What to Do with It

Just like in the real world, milk primarily comes from a cow. In Palworld it’ comes from ‘s produced by Mozzarina, the cute cow Pal. Thanks to its Partner Skill Milk Maker, it’ll occasionally drop Milk when assigned to a Ranch in your base.

Mozzarina Pal Profile
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Putting a Mozzarina in a Ranch is the easy part. Finding one is a bit more difficult. You can purchase one from Pal Merchants for 4,323 Gold. I bought mine from the NPC on the Forgotten Islands.

To find a wild cow Pal, Fast Travel to the Sealed Realm of the Swordmaster, which is located near the main island’s volcano. Between that point and the Ravine Entrance Fast Travel to the northeast, you’ll be able to find Mozzarina. While wandering, I found more spawned near Swordmaster than Ravine.

If you accidently incapacitate a Milk Maker, no worries. Along with dropping Mozzarina Meat, they also drop Milk as loot.

Wild Mozzarina map location.
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You Can Buy Milk from Merchants

Similar to other resources, merchants will often carry Milk in their inventory. They can be found wandering, typically with guards, or in Settlements. Sometimes, you’ll have to save them from Syndicate members. They’ll sell you one unit of Milk for 50 Gold.

Uses for Milk in Palworld

As is, Milk is a food product that you can drink, though it’s better off used to make other consumable items. There are eight dishes that require it as an ingredient. Especially important, you need Milk to make Cake, necessary for Breeding.

Recipes that Use Milk

Out of all the recipes, only Hot Milk can be made with the Campfire. You’ll need the upgraded Cooking Pot to make the rest of these meals.

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  • Hot Milk
  • Cake
  • Mushroom soup
  • Eikthyrdeer Stew
  • Pizza
  • Mozzarina Cheeseburger
  • Pancake
  • Carbonara

Those are all the dishes that require Milk to craft. More recipes may be added as we discover them or they get included in the game.

That’s how to get and use Milk in Palworld. If you’re going to use a lot of Milk, it’s probably best to have at least two Mozzarina’s assigned to the Ranch to bulk up your supply. Check out more of our guides on the game, such as how to catch Katress, the best Pals for transporting jobs, and how to get every hat.

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