How to Heal and Revive Pals in Palworld: Dealing with Injuries and Incapacitated Pals

Palworld has all sorts of dangers. Here's how to heal and revive your Pals when their HP takes a hit.

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Whether they’re defending your base or fighting alongside you in the world, Pals put their health on the line to keep you safe. But it’s up to you to mend their wounds. Here’s how to heal and revive Pals in Palworld

How to Heal Pals with Injuries in Palworld 

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As you work, fight, and explore with your Pals, they’ll take hits to their HP. Thankfully, you can heal your party and yourself by eating foraged or cooked food. This includes foodstuffs like Mushrooms, Berries, Baked Berries, Grilled Chikipi, and more.

To eat food, go to your inventory and select the food item you want. A menu pops up, showing the Pals and their health bars. Use the food on whichever Pal needs it, and you’re good to go. 

How to Craft the Small Feed Bag

Eating food manually gets tedious. But it’s not forever. When you can, use Ancient Technology in the Technology tab to unlock the Small Feed Bag. This item gives you one food slot and lets your Pals and your character eat automatically. You won’t miss hearing your character’s stomach grumble with hunger, I assure you. 

To craft a Small Feed Bag, you need:

How to Heal Pals Passively

Alternatively, let your Pals passively regain health by making them rest. If they’re in your party, remove them from active combat, allowing their HP to regenerate. Let another Pal explore with you while the wounded recover. Back at your base, use your Palbox like a makeshift healing ward. Pals stored in the Palbox rest and recover HP. 

How to Fix Injuries like Ulcers, Sprains, and Fractures

Not everything can be healed by rest and food, though. Some ailments like Ulcers, Sprains, and Fractures require Medicine. Until you have a medicine item on hand, it’s best to keep your Pal safe in the Palbox. 

How to Revive Pals in Palworld 

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When Pals in your party are defeated, they don’t die. They’re just incapacitated. But you can only revive them by placing them in the Palbox for a set amount of time. 

Interact with the Palbox and drag their portrait over from your party to an empty slot. Once you do, a red timer appears, counting down from 10 minutes, after which they’re fully healed. In the meantime, stay busy by capturing more Pals and building up your base. 

That covers how to heal and revive Pals in Palworld. For these cute creatures, it’s a berry a day that keeps the doctor away. Follow that mantra, and you’ll have a healthy party at all times. For more tips, check out our growing Palworld guides hub for topics like all buttons and keybinds and how to Fast Travel

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