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How to Get All Hats in Palworld

Look your best with every Hat Schematic in Palworld.

Do you want to be twinning with your Gumoss while you go on adventures? Perhaps you’d like to celebrate graduating from one base to two. If so, you need to dress for the occasion with the right cap, hat, or helmet. Here’s how to get all Hats in Palworld.

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Where to Buy All Hat Schematics in Palworld

From regular Schematics to Legendary ones, you can collect a ton of item recipes as you venture through Palpagos Islands. However, I’m not always in the mood to min-max my stats. Sometimes I just want to look my best with fun cosmetics.

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In Palworld‘s case, that means putting on my best Hat. The nice thing about this game, though, is that each Hat comes with its own perk. Some will give you heat resistance or elemental damage reduction, for example. So, even if you’re sacrificing some defense and health that another headpiece would give you, it’s not all for nought.

Obtaining Hats is simple, as you’ll purchase their Schematics for 500 Gold apiece from Wandering Merchants. Once it’s in your inventory, you can craft it at a Primitive or High-Quality Workbench if you have enough materials. Here’s where you can buy them:

Small Settlement Hat Schematics

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The Small Settlement is one of the first you’ll come across during your adventure, as it’s close to the Rayne Syndicate Tower. To find the Red Wandering Merchant, you’ll need to head to the shack at 76, -474. His stock contains the following seven Hat Schematics:

Hat SchematicMaterials Needed to CraftHat Perk
Long-eared Headband Schematic12 Cloth, 2 IngotGrass Damage Reduction
Witch Hat Schematic10 Cloth, 3 IngotDark Damage Reduction
Farming Hat Schematic30 Fiber, 10 WoodHeat Resistant
Bowler Hat Schematic15 ClothNeutral Damage Reduction
Tocotoco Cap Schematic5 Tocotoco FeatherNeutral Damage Reduction
Gumoss Cap Schematic5 Gumoss LeafGrass Damage Reduction
Penking Cap Schematic5 Penking CapIce Damage Reduction
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Dune Shelter Hat Schematics

Once you’re equipped to handle the heat, head to the northeast portion of the map, and you’ll find the desert biome. The Settlement here is Dune Shelter, which is located at 356, 347. You can purchase the following six Hat Schematics from the Green Wandering Merchant inside at 342, 360:

Map showing the Dune Shelter Wandering Merchant location
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Hat SchematicMaterials Needed to CraftHat Perk
Soft Hat Schematic10 Cloth, 10 FiberEarth Damage Reduction
Silk Hat Schematic15 ClothFire Damage Reduction
Tricorne Schematic10 LeatherWater Damage Reduction
Exploration Cap Schematic10 Cloth, 3 Leather, 2 IngotHeat Resistant
Grinning Tocotoco Cap Schematic5 Tocotoco FeatherNeutral Damage Reduction
Katress Cap Schematic5 Katress HairDark Damage Reduction

Fisherman’s Point Hat Schematics

The Green Wandering Merchant at Fisherman’s Point is located at -477, -748 just beyond the fast travel statue at -480, -744. The Schematics sold here require the most materials compared to the others, especially Ingots. So, you’ll want to have an ample supply of Ore to craft these. Here are the details for all four Hats and their perks:

Map showing the Fisherman's Point Wandering Merchant Location
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Hat SchematicMaterials Needed to CraftHat Perk
Monarch’s Crown Schematic20 Ingot, 3 ClothDragon Damage Reduction
Golden Crown Schematic25 IngotIce Damage Reduction
Helmet Schematic20 Ingot, 5 WoolElectric Damage Reduction
Graduate Cap Schematic20 Cloth, 10 FiberSpeedy Worker
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Personally, I love wearing the Graduate Cap for the extra speed while crafting, as some recipes will have you holding down “F” for a long time. As far as aesthetics go, though, you can’t beat the Gumoss Cap and Witch Hat.

That’s everything you need to know about how to get all Hats in Palworld. Now you can travel across Palpagos in style. For more tips, such as how to get and use Flour or where to find a Lunaris, check out our growing guides hub.

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