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Player approaching legendary bosses
Screenshot by GameSkinny

How to Get All Legendary Schematics in Palworld (With Maps and Coordinates)

Here's how to get all Legendary Schematics in Palworld.

Legendary armor and weapons offer the best stats you can get. But before you can craft them, you’ll need to prove your mettle against the toughest Pals in Palpagos Islands. If you’re ready for the challenge, here’s how to get Legendary Schematics in Palworld.

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What Are Legendary Schematics in Palworld?

Typically, when you complete dungeons or find chests, you’ll loot a standard Schematic. This allows you to craft rare or uncommon weapons and armor, offering better stats than the recipe your Technology tab gives you. Legendary Schematics, on the other hand, are recipes that provide the most defense and damage of any item you can craft. There are currently eight in the game, which drop from Alpha Pal bosses. Here’s where to find them:

Where to Find All Legendary Armor Schematics in Palworld

Legendary Pal Metal Helmet Schematic Location

Map showing Frostallion locations
Screenshot by GameSkinny

Coordinates: -357, 509

To get the Legendary Pal Metal Helmet Schematic, you’ll need to travel north to the snowy island teeming with Wumpos and other Ice-type Pals. Here, you’ll find Level 50 Frostallion, which is definitely a tough Pal to capture or defeat. The nearest Fast Travel statue is the Land of Absolute Zero at -238, 492. From there, you’ll travel southwest until you reach Frostallion’s habitat. If you’re planning to catch it, I highly recommend using Ultra Spheres.

Legendary Heat and Cold Resistant Armor Schematic Location

Map showing desert biome with Paladius location
Screenshot by GameSkinny

Coordinates: 447, 680

Paladius and Necromus are Level 50 knights found roaming at the northern point of the desert biome. Both drop the Legendary Schematics for Heat Resistant and Cold Resistant Armor. The nearest Fast Travel statue is the Deep Sand Dunes. With this duo being Neutral-type Pals, you’ll want to bring your best Dark-type as a counter. I also recommend equipping Ultra Spheres; they’re a must if you plan on catching Paladius and Necromus instead of outright defeating them.

Where to Find All Legendary Weapon Schematics in Palworld

Legendary Handgun Schematic Location

Map showing Beakon location
Screenshot by GameSkinny

Coordinates: -345, -253

Once you’re firmly in mid-game levels, you should challenge the Level 29 Alpha Pal, Beakon, to get the Legendary Handgun Schematic. You can find it by flying south from the Deep Bamboo Thicket statue at -324, -200. Considering Beakon is an Electric-type, you’ll need to bring a Ground-type with you for the best chance at surviving.

Legendary Old Bow Schematic Location

Map showing Small Settlement and Kingpaca
Screenshot by GameSkinny

Coordinates: 50, -460

Kingpaca is one of the easier Alpha Pals at Level 23, and it drops the Legendary Old Bow Schematic. To find it, fast travel to the Small Settlement at 74, -486. From there, head north above the hill. You’ll usually find it surrounded by a few Melpacas that will jump into the fight once you initiate. Like Paladius and Necromus, Kingpaca is a Neutral-type, so you’ll want to bring a Dark-type Pal as your backup if you’re planning to defeat it.

Legendary Crossbow Schematic Location

Map showing Bushi dungeon location
Screenshot by GameSkinny

Coordinates: -117, -490

Bushi is one the best Lumbering Pals you can get for your base, and it drops the Legendary Crossbow Schematic. Unlike the other Alpha Pals found out in the world, Bushi is located in the Sealed Realm of the Swordmaster Dungeon. The Fast Travel point nearby is found at -109, -467. For this boss, your best bet is bringing a Water-type with you since Bushi is a Fire-type Pal.

Legendary Assault Rifle Schematic Location

Blazamut habitat map location
Screenshot by GameSkinny

Coordinates: -442, -561

If you’re looking to get the Legendary Assault Rifle Schematic, you’ll need to head to the volcanic region to the west of the map. Here, you’ll find Level 49 Blazamut inside the Scorching Mineshaft on Mount Obsidian. Similar to Bushi, bring a Water-type Pal to deal the most damage.

Legendary Rocket Launcher Schematic Location

Volcanic biome map
Screenshot by GameSkinny

Coordinates: -789, -321

While you’re in the area, you should also grab the Legendary Rocket Launcher Schematic from Jetragon in the northwest portion of the volcanic region. If you have the Beach of Everlasting Summer Fast Travel statue activated, you can teleport there and fly north to reach its habitat. Jetragon, as you might’ve suspected, is a Dragon-type, making it vulnerable to attacks from Ice-type Pals.

Legendary Pump Action Shotgun Schematic Location

Desert biome map
Screenshot by GameSkinny

Coordinates: 404, 356

While the desert biome has many Suzaku Pals, you’ll want the Level 45 Alpha version of it to get the Legendary Pump Action Shotgun Schematic. To find it easily, you’ll need to travel to the Dune Shelter statue located at 357, 347. Although Suzaku looks like a Dragon-type, it’s actually a Fire Pal, so a Water-type will prove to be more effective in combat.

That covers how to get and where to find all Legendary Schematics in Palworld. For more on this monster-catching adventure, check out our guides hub. We’ve covered topics like how to farm more bones and how to get the best guns.

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