How to Get Chest Keys in Palworld: Copper, Silver, and Gold Key Locations

Find out how to get Copper, Silver and Gold Keys in Palworld here.

Purple chest in Palworld on a beach.
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Palworld will have you exploring every corner of Palpagos Island. You’ll stumble across loot chests that open at your whim. However, some require a specific Key to unlock. Here, I’ll tell you how to get Copper, Silver, and Gold Keys in Palworld.

How to Use Keys in Palworld

Loot hidden behind a lock is more valuable in Palworld. Keys are required for the rare chests found on Palpagos Island. When approaching chests, a prompt notifies which type of Key it needs. If I find a chest I don’t have a Key for, I mark its location on my main map so I can return to it. Otherwise, I recommend traveling with at least one Copper key or Silver key when adventuring.

Where to Find Copper Keys

Copper Keys are the first type of Palworld Key you find. You get Copper Keys as rewards for successfully defending your base from raids by enemies like Leezpunk (the most likely to drop Copper keys, I’ve found). You can also find them in chests and in the southern region of the Volcano biome.

Palworld gold chest on the beach.
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How to Get Silver Keys in Palworld: Best Pal to Farm

Silver Keys are rarer than Copper keys, but you can find them in similar places. Defend your base, defeat Leezpunk, and cross your fingers for some lucky loot chests.

However, you can increase your odds of finding Silver keys by seeking out Leezpunk Ignis. This rare variety of Leezpunk drops only Silver keys. It’s your best bet. You can find them in the eastern region of the Volcano biome. This region is challenging, so I always bring water or ice Pals to weaken or defeat them.

Leezpunk battle on a base in Palworld.
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Where to Find Gold Keys

Gold Keys are the rarest Keys in Palworld, so it’s pretty challenging to get them. The only way to get Gold keys is to defeat a Black Marketeer. They drop one as loot, but it’s not without a fight. I always bring my strongest pals and weapons to take one down. You can find a Black Marketeer in the mining caves directly southeast of the Desolate Church POI. You’ll find a map with its location marked on the map below.

That’s how to get all Keys in Palworld. Now that you have Copper, Silver, and Gold keys in your pouch, we’ve got plenty more tips and tricks for you to discover on our Palworld guides page, like where to find a flying mount, how to patch up Pal fractures, and more.

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