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How to Heal Pal Fractures in Palworld

Here's how to get medicine to heal Pal Fractures in Palworld.

Having Pals assigned to tasks is dangerous. One’s bound to end up with a fracture, either at random or from a raid. Things can get dire if you don’t have the right supplies or take action quickly. Here, I’ll tell you how to heal Pal fractures in Palworld.

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Can I Heal Pal Fractures in Palworld?

Pal Fractures appear as status effects for the affected Pals. After a few dozen hours playing, I can spot a Pal with a fracture from a mile away. The tell-tale sign is that they’re unwilling to work or are less productive than usual. To mend their injuries, you must make and use Medicine.

How to Make Medicine for Injured Pals in Palworld

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Pals can get the Fractured status effect while working on an assigned task in your base. My first Pal Fracture was from the Logging Site. Luckily, you can heal Pal fractures using the Medieval Medicine Workbench, which unlocks at Technology Level 12. You build it using x30 Wood, x5 Nails, and x10 Paldium Fragments.

Then craft Medical Supplies at the bench. It’s the only recipe available at the bench that cures Fractures and Ulcers. To make it, you need x3 Ingots, x3 Horns, and x1 Bone. Medicine doesn’t go bad, so you can stockpile it.

How to Use Medicine on a Pal in Palworld

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The method of using Medicine is odd. I tried going up to my Pal and using it through the menu, but that doesn’t give an option for Medicine. Instead, go to your Palbox and move the Pal with a Fracture into your party. Then, open your inventory, use the Medical Supplies, and choose to give it to the injured Pal. This removes the Fractured status and lets you reassign them as needed.

And that’s how you heal Pal Fractures in Palworld. From here, check out our guides hub for more topics like can you increase your base size or how to put out fires.

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