Can You Increase Your Base Size in Palworld?

Bases don't offer much room for everything you can build, so can you increase their size in Palworld?

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Your base is where you’ll craft, store Pals, and sleep at night if you want to skip ahead to daytime. Eventually, you can have more than one little settlement. However, there’s not a lot of room to build everything. So, can you fix that by increasing your base size in Palworld?

Is It Possible to Increase My Base Size in Palworld?

Your default Palworld base size makes it difficult to fit larger structures in one area, forcing you to spread everything out across multiple bases. I felt like I managed space well enough — until I unlocked the Breeding Farm, which requires a lot of space. At that point, I started looking into any way to add more space to my base. Unfortunately, there’s no way to increase your base size in Palworld.

Will Palworld Add Base Expansion in Future Updates?

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Palworld is currently in Early Access. Glitches and issues like the infinite loading screen likely take priority for developer Pocketpair. However, increasing the default base size or adding a way to increase base size through in-game progression, would be a huge improvement. Right now, one base doesn’t have enough space when you get larger structures.

Size Limitation for House Crafting in Palworld

If I want to build a big house and use all the furniture, I have to sacrifice space that could be used for utilities instead. And that makes grabbing furniture sets with Technology Points rather useless. As such, I’d love to see a small structure that can be unlocked and placed at the edges of a base to increase its radius. Could my wish make it to the roadmap? Fingers crossed!

While that answers if you can increase your base size in Palworld, that might not be the case forever. Early Access allows developers to adjust features like this — and have players test it before the full release. From here, check out our guides hub for more topics like the best tips for base building or how to put out fires.

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