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Best Tips for Base Building in Palworld: Layout, Locations, and More

Here are our best tips for building a great base in Palworld.

Building unique bases is a hallmark of the Palworld experience. Some bases are created to look like castles or waterfront paradises, while others are essentially all about resource production. Here, I’ll share the best tips for base building in Palworld so you can build to your heart’s delight.  

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How to Build the Best Base in Palworld

Best Layout Tips for Pal Efficiency

You can currently build three bases in Palworld. While each one can be vastly different from the others, prioritizing Pal efficiency can go a long way when you’re planning your layout.

The most important thing to consider is the game’s terrible Pal pathing in Early Access. They frequently get stuck on structures or fall off cliffs, leading to starvation and illnesses as their SAN depletes. Pals also struggle when you build things too close to each other.

As such, I follow two main layout rules: don’t cram structures too close together and build in an open, flat area. I also recommend that you keep everything on one level. Yes, you can build cool multi-level structures, but you run the risk of Pal’s getting stuck.

Without obstructions, you’re on your way to an efficient base. To make sure your Pals are functioning at maximum efficiency, though, it’s best to avoid filling your layout with every type of structure. Pals have multiple Work Suitabilities but some override other tasks they’re supposed to be doing. If you designate one base to Mining and Lumbering and a second base to Planting and Watering, you can ensure Pals don’t get distracted by other jobs.

Tips for Choosing the Best Base Locations

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As mentioned, my major tip for base building is to find a space that is flat and wide open. This ensures that you have plenty of room to build any houses, Workbenches, or resource structures.  

Ideally, make sure your base is close to a lot of resources like Trees, Stones, or Ore. When you’re building up your base, you’ll need plenty of materials, so the closer they are, the faster and easier it’ll be. If you don’t want to go searching, I’ve collected three flat locations that are very buildable and abundant in resources.

The first is located at -258, -370, southwest of the Sealed Realm of the Thunder Dragon fast travel point. This open location has several ore nodes and a respawning chest. It’s also extremely flat, giving you ample space to build.

The second is located at 108, -329, to the left of the Sealed Realm of the Frozen Wings fast travel statue. This is a flat beach that doesn’t have many resources. If you don’t want your Pals getting off task with the wrong jobs, this is a great spot to build. Plus, it looks nice, as it’s right next to the water.

The third is where I placed my first base at -299, 66. It’s a flat area surrounded by trees, so my Lumbering Pals do a lot of good work here. What I love about it is that it hardly ever gets raided, so my Pals are always working.

Best Tips and Tricks for Base Building in Palworld

Give Your Pals Space to Rest

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Keeping your Pals’ Sanity up and your Pals in good condition is vital. At the very least, make sure every active Pal has a Straw Bed built. Ideally, you’ll swap these out for better beds, such as the Fluffy Pal Bed, as you level up. You also need to set down a Hot Spring, which will allow them to regenerate Sanity. And they’ll look so cute while doing it.

Prevent Fires with Stone Structures

The first type of foundations and walls you can build are made of Wood. It’s an easy resource to get with the caveat that it’s flammable. To avoid losing your entire base from a raid or stray fire attack, it’s best to research the Stone Structure Set at Technology Level 18 and replace your Wood structures with those.

Place Incubators Indoors and Outdoors

I love hatching eggs to get new Pals, but it can be tricky to find the right temperatures for the egg type. It’s best to place incubators indoors and outdoors so you can place eggs in the right conditions. Some prefer warmth and do best inside with a heat source while others hatch better out in the cold.

Build Your Walls High for Large Pals

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If you have a Quivern, Penking, or Relaxaurus, you know Pals can get quite big in Palworld. They’re so tall that they won’t fit in your buildings if they aren’t tall enough. To avoid this problem, build your walls tall and high, stacking at least three or four before building a roof.

Build Several Storage Boxes

Pals will frequently move items to storage boxes around your base, so it’s best to have several near resource farms, such as Wheat Plantations or Logging Pits. That way they don’t have to walk far to transport the material. Having multiple boxes also ensures you never run out of storage space. Otherwise, your base will fill with stray resources on the ground.

Don’t Place Structures Over Resource Spawns

Speaking of resources, you don’t want to build where a node previously spawned. If you deplete an Ore node, for instance, don’t place a Ranch above it. It won’t respawn and you’ll lose out on vital materials.

Feed Pals Better Food

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Along the same lines of keeping your Pals’ Sanity up, you need to feed your Pals food that restores a large amount of SAN. This means you need to graduate from feeding them raw or baked Berries. I’ve found that assigning a Woolipop to my Ranch yields a good amount of Cotton Candy, which replenishes five SAN and isn’t perishable.

Choose Base Pals with the Right Work Suitability

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If you want to have resources gathered passively for you, you’ll need pals with the right skills. Catching Pals with level four and three Work Suitabilities will speed up Mining, Lumbering, Transporting, and more. While Foxparks makes a great Kindling Pal at the start, you’ll eventually need to catch a Blazamut who can do the job much faster.

Those are my best tips for base building in Palworld.  If you’re looking for more tips and tricks, check out our growing Palword guides hub for topics like how to put out fires and how to get High Quality Pal Oil.

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