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The Best Food for Pal Sanity in Palworld

Keep your Pals from slacking off by feeding them high Sanity foods in Palworld!

Each food item has a different nutrition stat, and some display the amount of Sanity they restore, if any. Knowing this information can help you craft food to keep your Pals working when assigned to a base. Here’s the best food for Pal Sanity in Palworld.

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What Should I Feed Pals to Keep Sanity High in Palworld?

When Pals have low Sanity, they slack off and need to take a break in a Hot Spring to restore it. And that means they stop working on any tasks assigned to them. Cooking an ample supply of Sanity-restoring food with a Campfire or Cooking Pot will ensure your Pals avoid Stress, which can lead to illness or injury if left unchecked.

Foods that Restore the Most Pal Sanity in Palworld

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Depending on your situation, the best Sanity food changes. Cake ranks highest when it comes to how much Sanity it restores at a total of 82. However, it takes a long time to cook, and you need it for breeding Pals. The next best option is Rushoar Bacon ‘n Eggs, which restores 21 Sanity and gives a 10% increase to Attack for a short time.

Best Foods that Slow Sanity Decay in Palworld

Then, we have two food items that slow down the rate at which Sanity decays: Grilled Lamball and Stewed Galeclaw. Both also restore 18 and 12 Sanity, respectively. But Grilled Lamball has an edge by also increasing Work Speed temporarily.

The downside with these options, however, is that it takes time and ingredients to cook these food items. I assign a Kindling Pal to handle my cooking and smelting tasks. But I still have to return to my bar and start the process by selecting which item I want made and how much of it I want them to make.

Best Sanity Foods to Stockpile in Palworld

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However, Honey and Cotton Candy might be your best option for Sanity food if the Pals working at a base don’t eat often or eat a lot. This is because neither item has an expiration timer, so you can stockpile them without worrying about anything going to waste.

The downside is they don’t restore much Sanity. Honey returns 3 SAN and Cotton Candy returns 5 SAN. But not spoiling and being able to farm Honey at a Ranch with a Beegarde helps make up for the low Sanity return. You can also get plenty of Cotton Candy from assigning a Woolipop to your Ranch.

And that covers the best food for Pal Sanity in Palworld. It boils down to what you need from your Pals and how much work you want to put into feeding them versus letting them take Hot Springs breaks. From here, check out our guides hub for more topics like how to keep food fresh without glitches or how to get and use Flour.

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