How to Keep Food Fresh for Longer in Palworld Without Glitches

With glitches being removed, learn to keep food fresh in Palworld without them!

Pengullet chilling a cooler box
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With Pocketpair announcing their intention to handle glitches and exploits that players have been using to make the game easier, it’s a matter of time until the infinitely fresh food glitch is fixed. As such, it’s good to know how to keep food fresh without the food glitch in Palworld.

How to Keep Food from Going Bad Without Glitches in Palworld

Even with technology to keep food fresh, it won’t last forever. However, it extends the expiration timer by 10 times, which helps prevent food waste. To keep food fresh, you want to build a Cooler Box when you unlock it at Technology Level 13. The Cooler Box is crafted with:

  • 5 Ice Organs
  • 20 Stones
  • 20 Ingots
Cooler box highlighted in the Technology Tab
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Next, assign a Pal with the ability to freeze to it so that they keep it cool. Otherwise, the Cooler Box isn’t any different from a Wooden Chest. I use a Pengullet for this task, although you might need to pick up the Pal and throw it at the box to assign it. If you have a Pal that only has the freeze ability, then they’re a better choice here since they can’t perform any other tasks on base.

How to Get Pals to Store Food in the Cooler Box

Now, you might run into the problem of Pals not putting food into the Cooler Box. There’s no way to prioritize which container they use, and they see the Cooler Box as a last resort. To address this, fill up the slots of the Feed Box with single items of food like Honey or Cotton Candy that don’t expire. Pals mostly eat from left to right in the Feed Box, so put the main food on the left, and fill the remaining slots. With that, they should start putting food into the Cooler Box properly.

And that covers how to keep food fresh without the food glitch in Palworld. Depending on the Pals you have working at base, you might go through a lot of food. Either way, having food stored and fresh can be helpful in general. From here, check out our guide hub for more topics like how to get and use flour or the best planting Pals for farming.

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