Palworld’s Food Glitch is in the Crosshairs with Pocketpair’s Crackdown on Exploits

Palworld's cheats and exploits are being addressed, so food will eventually be harder to get.

Wheat plantation in the growth stage
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Pocketpair released an official patch for Palworld on January 25, and some of the changes might change how you play. Pocketpair addresses many of the game’s glitches and exploits and will continue to patch them out. Eventually, Palworld will make you work for your food.

The Infinite Food Glitch Still Works, but Its Days are Numbered in Palworld

Between plantations and an abundance of Pals capable of planting, growing, and harvesting food, it’s easy to keep your Pals fed without using the Palworld food glitch. So what is the infinite food glitch?

Players have been using a workaround referred to as the infinite food glitch to keep food from spoiling in Palworld. While it’s still available at the time of writing, Pocketpair’s statement means it could be in the crosshair. The developers say they’re working toward removing cheats and exploits, which means it likely won’t be available much longer.

These are the Palworld patch notes:

▼Main changes
・Fixed a bug where the loading screen did not end when logging into the world
・Fixed a bug where the world date was not displayed correctly and appeared to reset.
・Corrected various incorrect text
Countermeasures against various cheats and exploits

The infinite food glitch is done by manipulating food expiration timers and how they reset when you put food items into a container or take them out of one. You can shift food back and forth between your inventory and container to keep it from spoiling indefinitely.

Since items like Coolers exist in Palworld, it’s safe to say that this glitch isn’t intended. It also takes away from the difficulty of a survival game when you don’t have to worry about your food supply. So, it’s only a matter of time before this glitch is addressed and fixed to make the game a bit harder.

Food supply building options
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Keeping a Steady Food Supply Without Glitches

However, we don’t need glitches to keep our foodstuffs fresh. You can keep up a food supply with the right set-up and no exploits. Plenty of Pals eat Red Berries, Wheat, and Tomatoes. Each of these has plantations you can unlock through Technology Points.

You then assign Pals with Planting, Watering, and Harvesting abilities to the plantations. They keep the Feed Box stocked with the items they harvest. I have multiple Feed Boxes set up, one by each plantation type, and they never run low. As such, my Pals are never hungry.

Keeping Food Available for Players

Cooler box full of eggs, milk, fried eggs, and hot milk
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For my character, I have a Mozzarina and Chikipi on my Ranch, so I have plenty of Eggs and Milk. Then, I assign a Kindling Pal to my base. I have them make Fried Eggs and Hot Milk to keep me and my Pal team full. Then, I have a Cooler Box set up with a Pengullet cooling it. This extends the food expiration timer, making it last much longer.

Ultimately, I think kPocketpair cracking down on cheats like this is a good thing for the community. Keeping an even playing field in multiplayer sessions is important, and cheats like this make it too easy to keep hunger up, undermining the game’s foundation.

So, you might be able to use this cheat now, but Palworld will make you work for your food in the future. As such, get used to producing your own steady food supply now. From here, learn how to do things just like that with the articles in our guides hub, where we cover topics like the best Pals to keep at your base or how to invite friends.

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