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How to Get and Use Flour in Palworld

Flour is great for cooking in Palworld. Here's how to make it!

Food is necessary to keep your and your Pals’ Hunger bars filled and restore their Sanity. Flour becomes even more important if you plan on breeding Pals because it’s a core component of Cake. So, here’s how to get and use Flour in Palworld.

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How to Make Flour in Palworld

Flour isn’t something that you can pick up off mobs, but you’ll be able to farm it and produce a steady supply as you earn Technology Levels.

Unlock the Wheat Plantation and Mill

First, you need the Wheat Plantation, which unlocks with Technology Level 15. You craft the plantation using:

  • 3 Wheat Seeds
  • 35 Wood
  • 35 Stones

And at the same level, you unlock the Mill. You need the Mill to grind Wheat into Flour, and you build it using:

  • 50 Wood
  • 40 Stones

Farm Wheat and Craft Flour

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Once you have both, you can assign Pals to take care of planting, watering, and harvesting Wheat. Then, check back occasionally to use the Mill, ordering for the production of Flour and assigning a Watering Pal to craft it. Flour has an expiration timer of 40 minutes. But placing it into a Cooler Box that has a Pal chilling it increases the time to 400 minutes.

How to Use Flour in Palworld

From here, you’ll have a supply of Flour that can be used for crafting recipes at the Campfire or Cooking Pot. The Cooking Pot, in particular, has the Cake recipe, which calls for 5 Flour. Breeding Pals requires Cake, so it’s good to be prepared if you want an ample supply of Pal Eggs to hatch.

And that covers how to get and use Flour in Palworld. It’s one of many resources that’s nice to have, but it might be tricky to manage the supply so that you aren’t losing too much of it to the expiration timer. From here, check out our guides hub for more topics like how to get and use Honey or how to get Charcoal.

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