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Best Planting Pals for Farming in Palworld

Farming starts with planting seeds in Palworld. Here are the best Planting Pals in the game.

Planting seeds is at the heart of farming in Palworld. Fortunately, a host of Pals are equipped with the required Work Suitability for this task, though some are more proficient than others. I’ve compared them all, and these are the best Pals for Planting in Palworld.

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Best Pals for Planting in Palworld

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I consider Caprity one of the best Pals to keep at your base in Palworld, which is due in part to its Level 2 Planting skill. Considering how early this Grass-type is available to catch, it makes a great starter option for farming. Not to mention, it’s effectively able to feed the rest of the Pals at your base thanks to its Planting proficiency and its tendency to drop mature Red Berries while grazing at the Ranch.


Like Caprity, Dinossom can be found pretty much from the start of your Palworld playthrough. It also boasts a Level 2 Planting skill, which is convenient for farming at your base. While you probably spotted this Grass-type at the very beginning of the game, it spawns around Level 11, making it tough to capture in the early stages. Once you’ve leveled up, though, it’s definitely worth catching.


Before I caught Broncherry, Cinnamoth was my base’s designated Planting Pal. Equipped with Level 2 Work Suitability for this task, it managed to get the job done quickly and efficiently — which was helped in part by its Nimble Passive Skill. This Grass-type is also able to whip up healing consumables thanks to its Level 1 Medicine Production skill, so it’s worth keeping around early on in Palworld.


You’ll need to make it a bit further in Palworld to find wild Broncherry. It spawns near the Ravine Entrance fast travel point, northwest from the game’s starting location. There, you can find regular spawns as well as a Broncherry Aqua field boss. However, it’s important to note that Broncherry’s impressive Level 3 Planting skill is exclusive to the Pal’s standard Grass-type form, while its Water-type variant is better for Watering.

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Mossanda is essentially a jack of all trades, making it a popular pick for a mid-game base workhand or an active team member. While it has Level 2 proficiency in Planting, it’s equally equipped to handle Lumbering, Handiwork, and Transporting. It’s even got its uses in combat, serving as the Grenadier Panda mount. All things considered, this Grass-type is a must-have Pal for base building and battling.


On more than a few occasions, I’ve tried and failed to catch Elizabee and Beegarde for their coveted Honey drops. Aside from providing you with a steady supply of this valuable resource, Elizabee boasts a Level 2 Planting skill, making it a reliable producer at your base. If that’s not enough to convince you, it’s also skilled at Medicine Production, Handiwork, Lumbering, and Gathering.


Verdash is a reliable Level 2 Planting Pal that’s worth keeping around your base — if you’re able to catch one, that is. This Grass-type can only be found in Wildlife Sanctuary No. 2, which is illegal to enter. This means you could wind up on the in-game Wanted list if you get caught trespassing. If you’re willing to take the risk, however, you should do a stealth run at night to catch yourself a Verdash.

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Much like Verdash, Vaelet also sports Level 2 Work Suitability for Planting. Moreover, it can only be caught inside the Wildlife Sanctuary in the Astral Mountains. To avoid earning a Wanted status on your mission to catch one, you’ll need to conduct your visit at night when surveillance is low. While its lesser proficiency may not be worth the risk in itself, it can be helpful at your base once you do manage to capture one.


A great alternative to Broncherry, Petallia is another Level 3 Planting Pal to help with farming in Palworld. Its Work Suitability also includes Gathering, Transporting, Handiwork, and Medicine Production. While you’ll need to make it a bit further in the game to catch this Grass-type, it’s certainly worth the trouble. It spawns as a field boss at Level 28 near the Sealed Realm of the Spirits.


Lyleen is currently the only Level 4 Planting Pal available in the Early Access version of Palworld. That said, it’s easily the best option when it comes to this aspect of farming. However, it only appears in Wildlife Sanctuary No. 3. Not only will you need to enter at night to remain undercover, but you’ll also need the help of a flying mount to make it there. It’s worth the effort in the end.

After some time spent perfecting my farming team, these are the best Pals for Planting in Palworld. Working together with top-notch Watering Pals, you’ll automate farming at your base in no time. Pay a visit to our dedicated guides hub for more on Pal elements, putting out fires, and how to heal Pals fractures.

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