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Palworld Pals Slacking Off: What to do if a Pal is Upset and Unwilling to Work

Here's how to get your Pals back on the job if they're upset, unwilling to work, and slacking off in Palworld.

It doesn’t take long for Pals to get sick or upset. And all of a sudden, they won’t work. As frustrating as idle Pals are, it’s easy to address if you have a high Technology Level. Here, I’ll tell you what to do if your Pal won’t work in Palworld.

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How to Fix Upset Pals Unwilling to Work

If your Pals won’t work and start slacking off, then they aren’t fulfilling their assigned tasks. This lowers production on your base and can be an issue.

When your Pals slack off, it means their Sanity is low. You find a Pal’s Sanity meter to the right of their Health Bar. Sanity goes up to 100. As it decreases, Pals grow increasingly unhappy, and they’re less willing to work. I like to keep a close eye on my Pals’ Sanity meters to raise it before they become unhappy.

How to Increase Pal Sanity

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The best way to increase Pal Sanity is a Hot Spring. This unlocks at Technology Level 9. Before unlocking it, I put Pals with low Sanity in the Palbox and replace them with new Pals. To craft the Hot Spring, you need x30 Wood, x15 Stones, x10 Paldium Fragments, and x10 Pal Fluids.

Pals will automatically use the Hot Spring when their Sanity gets low. Some of my haven’t, in which case I throw the Pal at the Hot Spring myself so they’ll use it. Once the Pal is in the Hot Spring, their Sanity increases until it’s full again and they return to work.

And that’s what to do if a Pal is upset and unwilling to work, leading them to slack off in Palworld. Building multiple Hot Springs can help when you have a lot of Pals working on your base. Plus, you can grab the High-Quality Hot Spring at Technology Level 31. From here, check out our guides hub for more topics like how to heal Pal Fractures or how to put out fires.

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