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Palworld: How to Manage Pal Mental Stability

Are your Pals stressed? Find out how to restore their Sanity here.

Palworld might be known for its more nefarious Pal treatment, but meeting your Pals’ needs is essential. There could be trouble at your base if you neglect them. Here’s how to manage Pal Mental Stability, to keep your cute, hardworking creatures happy.

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How to Restore Pal Mental Stability in Palworld

Each time I add a new Pal to my base, I check out their Work Suitability. Immediately, I take stock of Pals that water plant beds or ones that transport mined materials. This is important to consider as you try to run a well-automated base, but it’s also crucial to remember Pals have needs, too.

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What Does the Orange SAN Bar Mean?

Your Pals come with plenty of skills and attributes, but they also come with an orange SAN bar. This measures Pal Mental Stability out of 100. It decreases when working or when your Pals get stressed. It increases when they sleep, eat, or hang out in special facilities.

Avoid letting your Pals’ SAN drop too low. Otherwise, they’ll slack off, become upset, or become so stressed out that they fall ill. And that’s no way to treat these adorable creatures.

Here’s everything you need to do to maintain and restore Pal Mental Stability:

  • Craft Pal Beds. It doesn’t matter if you only have one Pal or 10 working at your base, you must have an individual bed for each Pal. Early on, you can craft a Straw Pal Bed after unlocking it via your Technology tab. At Level 24, build the Fluffy Pal Bed, which improves the amount of HP and SAN recovered while sleeping.
  • Fill Feed Boxes with food. Your Pals get hungry throughout the day, and if you forget to keep their Feed Boxes full of food, they might starve. You can give them foraged items such as Berries or Mushrooms, but cooked food like Baked Berries, Fried Eggs, or Lamball Kebabs are often a better choice as they’re more filling.
  • Let your Pal rest in the Palbox. Similar to recovering HP, Pals replenish their SAN when you put them back into the Palbox. If you’ve collected multiples of the same Pal, you can simply use the other to fill their spot. I’ve gotten into the habit of regularly rotating my base Pals, which has definitely helped with maintaining their Sanity.
  • Build a Hot Spring. At Level 9, you can build your Pals a Hot Spring where they can relax and replenish their SAN. It’s a resource-heavy build, though. You need x30 Wood, x15 Stone, x10 Paldium Fragments, and x10 Pal Fluids.

How to Pet Your Pals in Palworld to Raise Mental Stability

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You should also regularly show your Pals affection. They’re doing a lot to keep your base flowing and defended when you’re off capturing (and hunting) more of them out in the world. So be sure to pet your Pals as a gesture of thanks.

To do so, walk up to your Pal and open the radial menu. For mouse and keyboard users, the button is “4.” On a controller, you can press down on the right stick. Then choose the Pet command; they’ll come up with a smile and leave with little hearts floating around their head.

That covers the best ways to manage Pal Mental Stability in Palworld. For more topics, such as how to increase Stamina and how to unlock guns, check out our growing guides hub.

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