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Where to Build Your First Base in Palworld

Building your first base in Palworld sets the stage for the rest of the game. Here's the best place to put one.

Your base is your shelter in the wilderness of Palworld. Choosing a good spot to build your first one makes the early game much more comfortable. There are a few places in the starting area that are suitable, but I think there’s only one that’s the best place to build your first base in Palworld.

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The Best Place to Build a Base Early in Palworld

My first base setup in Palworld's grassy fields
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You can reach the best place to build your first base in Palworld very soon after starting the game. From the starting point at the Plateau of Beginnings, continue to the northwest until you see the giant Mammorest boss. Ignore it (it’s not hostile), and you’ll see a fast travel point labeled Grassy Behemoth Hills near the coast.

Palworld Best Base Location Map and Area Details

I think the best first base should go in the clearing between that Fast Travel node and the small outpost in the distance. Here’s why.

There are plentiful early-game resources. To the north is a large collection of trees and rocks for your Wood and Stone needs. There are two Ore nodes a little farther southeast and a ton of lower-level Pals to hunt befriend.

It’s spacious without being too open. The Behemoth Hills has enough space for every piece an early-game base needs and then some. I packed every tutorial task and base mission up to Level 10 in about half of the available space. I also added some optional quality-of-life buildings for my Pals because they’re not assembly line workers. Yet.

The map of a great first base location in Palworld
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There are a lot of Pals nearby. Not counting the Mammorest boss, this location is great for grinding levels early in Palworld because there are about a dozen species native to the area. Pals are at Levels 3-6, and some Pals are as high as Levels12-15. Higher-level Pals have better intrinsic abilities and stats, though I’ve found they don’t necessarily yield additional EXP.

It’s easy to fend off outside threats. One of the quirks about the Grassy Behemoth Hills base location is the ocean to the south and the river to the north. A natural hill also protects the northern border. Palworld has several radiant enemy faction attack events, and because of the Hills’ topography, I can see them coming for literal minutes. Sometimes they don’t reach me at all. I’ve had several events that go away without me or my Pals needing to do a thing.

Setting up your first base in the Grassy Behemoth Hills means you can start amassing resources and crafting as many items as you can early. When you start venturing into the wider, more dangerous world, you have a safe place full of useful items. You can also turn your base into a giant warehouse run by the most overworked and underappreciated Pals in your collection. But that’s entirely your choice.

While there are other places to start your settlements, this is the best place to build your first base. It gives the best that the game has to offer. For more on Palworld, such as how to assign Pals jobs, how to destroy items and objects, and how to get Nails fast, click the links or check out our guides hub for the game.

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