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Can You Move Items in Palworld? How to Disassemble and Destroy Structures

Confused about how to move things you've built in Palworld? Here are your options.

As a survival game, you’ll want to change where items, stations, and buildings are located. And while you can move things, finding the function isn’t straightforward and doesn’t contain one important mechanic. Here, I’ll tell you how to move and destroy structures in Palworld.

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Is There a Way to Move Items and Structures in Palworld?

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There isn’t a way to move structures you’ve made in Palworld. Whether whole or in pieces, the only option is to break them down. You can destroy them with your fists or with a tool, but those actions take too much time. Destroying structures with a tool also wears your tools down. You must repair them afterward.

Disassemble: The Best Way to Destroy Structures and Buildings in Palworld

There’s a quicker way to destroy buildings and structures. Disassemble items you’ve built. This destroys them instantly, giving you your resources back. Make sure to manage your inventory well since the resources you get back can be heavy. That aside, the pros of disassembling structures and buildings far outweigh destroying them by hand. This is the only method I use.

How to Use the Disassemble Function to Destroy Objects

Enter Build Mode to disassemble items and objects. A small prompt to enter Disassembly Mode appears at the bottom of the radial menu. Press the “C” key on keyboard; press R3 (right stick) on consoles. Highlight anything you’ve built in red and then quickly destroy them.

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If you’re not 100% sure of your current location or already know you won’t stay there long, I recommend building something small and simple. I can say from experience it’s pain to relocate large buildings. As tempting as it is to create a multi-floor home for you and your Pals, it’s better to hold off until you’re in an area close to resources or away from fast travel spots. Small or big, it’s still crucial to pay attention to the mental stability of your Pals.

Now you know everything about how to move and destroy structures in Palworld. If you’ve been having trouble with your little friends getting stuck, here are some fixes for stuck base pals. All other tips and tricks you need are available at our Palworld guides hub.

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