How to Fix Pals Stuck at Base in Palworld

Are your Base Pals stuck after a raid? Here are some possible fixes to get them back to work.

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There are more ways for your Pals to get stuck than we can count. It happens often when you first start a world, when you get raided, or just whenever they feel like it. In this guide, I’ll tell you how to fix your bugged base Pals at base in Palworld.

How to Fix Bugged Pals Who are Stuck in Palworld

Pals getting stuck or simply stopping working is probably the worst part of Palworld and something the developers need to address before the game can reach its 1.0 state. When Pals get stuck, they either stutter in place, walk around doing nothing, or just stare off into the distance. You don’t have to suffer their laziness (or confusion) forever, though.

The immediate way to fix your Pals getting stuck is easy. But for now, you probably have to do it multiple times in a single session. Pals get stuck on structures and seemingly lost in their own thoughts. Try to plan your base around their movement and minimize the travel time between their jobs, bedding, and food by placing beds and food bins near where they work.

Player and Foxpark defending base from raid
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As for the actual way to fix Pals being stuck, open up your Palbox, move the stuck Pal out of the worker Pal list and into the Palbox, and move them back. Once you’ve done this, they should take to working again like nothing happened at all. Though, hungry Pals eat before getting back to work.

That’s everything you need to know about how to fix Pals getting stuck at base. You can also try these methods out whenever your Pals aren’t working as intended. For more tips, such as how to grow food and whether the game has Shinies, take a look at our dedicated Palworld guides hub.

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