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Palword Lucky Pals: Does Palworld Have Shinies?

There are so many Pals to collect. But are there any Shinies?

There are over 100 Pals to catch and collect in Palworld. Every Pal has its own stats and levels. None is the same. With all the similarities to another monster-catching game, you might have the same question I did. Does Palworld have Shinies? 

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Are There Shinies in Palworld?

If you’ve heard of another little monster-catching game called Pokemon, you might know that there are creatures known as Shiny Pokemon. These different colored variants are super rare and highly sought after. So does Palworld have shinies? Technically, yes.

But not in the traditional way. Although there aren’t Pals of different color variations or sparkles in Palworld, there are some super rare variants you can find called Lucky Pals. 

What are Lucky Pals in Palworld?

Lucky Pals are much larger and more aggressive than their normal counterparts. If you listen closely, you’ll hear a glistening sound if one is nearby. If you’re lucky enough to catch a Lucky Pal, you’ll have a powerful ally. These Palworld Shinies have a Rare ability that raises the attack and work speed of your Pal by 15%. This makes Lucky Pals extremely helpful. They aren’t just a cosmetic flair. 

Where to Find Lucky Pals

Currently, we don’t know the spawn rates for Lucky Pals. I’ll be able to dial it in as I play more, but it’s also possible that developer Pocketpair will tweak Lucky Pal spawn rates as the game moves through Early Access. There aren’t any ways to increase your odds of finding one, either. But again, that could change.

However, Lucky Pals aren’t as rare as Shiny Pokemon in my experience. I’ve found more Lucky Pals already in a few hours than I’ve found Shinies in hundreds of hours. Just look for Pals that are much larger than normal, and listen for a glistening sound. 

And that answered whether or not Palworld has Shinies. If you’re looking for more tips and tricks, check out our dedicated Palworld guides hub for topics like how to rename Pals and how to disable motion blur.

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