Palworld: How to Get More Nails Faster

Make higher-quality structures with the help of Nails in Palworld.

Player making Nails at Primitive Workbench
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Nails open up a whole new world when it comes to crafting. They’re vital for making higher-quality structures, powerful weapons, and new storage items. And if you’re planning to fully automate your base, you’ll need plenty. Here’s how to get Nails faster in Palworld.

How to Craft Nails in Palworld

First things first: before you can begin crafting Nails, you must unlock the item recipe in your Technology Tab. It’s on Row 10, and only costs 1 Technology Point. While you’re at it, you must also unlock the Primitive Furnace, which requires three points.

Foxpark kindling Furnace to make Ingot
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Now you’re ready to follow these steps to craft Nails:

  • Mine Ore from Ore Deposits using your Stone Pickaxe. For this guide, you’ll need at least eight ore, but I recommend getting more. I found plenty of Ore Deposits in the Windswept Hills along with Stone and trees for Wood. They look like large, chunky boulders with a shimmery copper tint. You can’t miss them.
  • Build a Primitive Furnace at your base. This requires x20 Wood, x50 Stone, and x3 Flame Organs.
  • Refine Ore into Ingots using the Furnace. To do so, interact with the Furnace, set the amount of Ingots you want to make, and have a Kindling Pal power the structure. You’ll get one Ingot for eight Ore.
  • Retrieve the Ingots and craft Nails. Go to your Workbench, select Nails, and add the Ingots. You’ll get two Nails for one Ingot. If you have any Handiwork Pals at your base, they can help you speed through the crafting process.

Where to Find Ore in Palworld

Player mining Ore with Pickaxe
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After reading those steps, you might be wondering where you can farm Ore in Palworld, especially if you don’t have enough to make more than one Ingot. Thankfully, the best route is in the starting area.

I recommend following the path from the Plateau of Beginnings Fast Travel Point at 240, -513 to the Rayne Syndicate Tower Entrance at 118, -425. Check cliffsides and veer off the path if you spot any copper-brown rocks in the distance. Remember, if you damage your Pickaxe, you can always use your fists to mine Ore, though it is a slower process.

What Recipes Require Nails in Palworld?

Nails are well worth crafting if you want to take your base-building, crafting, combat, and automation to the next level; basically everything you do in Palworld requires Nails. If you have any Pals suffering from injuries and illnesses, you’ll also be glad to hear that Nails are your ticket to accessing Medicine Production.

Palworld Technology Tab highlighting Crossbow recipe
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Here’s a list of essential buildings and items that require Nails:

  • High Quality Workbench
  • Medieval Medicine Workbench
  • Crossbow
  • Sphere Workbench
  • Antique Storage Set
  • Large Toolbox
  • Weapon Workbench
  • Sphere Assembly Line
  • Production Assembly Line
  • Fine Bed

Now that you know how to get Nails in Palworld, it’s time to improve your toolkit. You can finally swap your Primitive Workbench for a faster, high-quality one. And you can retire your standard Bow for the hard-hitting Crossbow. For more tips, such as how to rename Pals and how to get Pal Fluids, take a gander at our Palworld guides hub.

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