Where to Locate Ore in Palworld: What are the Best Ore Locations?

If you want to progress, you'll need a lot of Ingots. Here are the best places to mine Ore in Palworld.

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As you start upgrading your gear and base in Palworld, Ingots become more and more important. However, getting them requires work, especially if you don’t know where to look. Here, I’ll tell you where to locate ore in Palworld and the best ore locations in the game.

Where to Find Ore in Palworld 

Ore can be found just about anywhere in Palworld. Ore deposits spawn as giant rocks with silver and orange colors. They also gleam, unlike other rocks. The first place you spot ore is actually right by the beginning area. It can be found directly past the first set of stairs from the fast travel point.

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How to Farm and Mine Ore

You must have a Pickaxe to mine Ore. Luckily, the first Pickaxe you can craft works. However, an upgraded Pickaxe mines Ore faster. Once you have a Pickaxe equipped, go up to an Ore deposit and swing at it. Ore is very heavy, so your weight will fill up fast. Empty your inventory before farming Ore accordingly.

What’s the Best Ore Location in Palworld?

My favorite place to farm for Ore is west of the beginning area at coordinates 11, -529. It’s an open area with a circle of Ore deposits ripe for mining. You can easily fill up your inventory each time you come here. If you mine everything there, it respawns the next day. 

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Another area in which I like to mine Ore is found at coordinates 155, -395. Similar to the previous spot, there’s a circle of Ore deposits here, too, making your farming efforts more efficient. This one is further north, but it isn’t too far from a fast travel point, making it one of my favorite locations.

How to Get Ingots from Ore

Before you can smelt Ore into Ingots, you must build the Primitive Furnace using x50 Stone, x20 Wood, and x10 Flame Organ.

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With the Furnace crafted, place it anywhere in your base. Get a Pal with the Kindling ability (like my trusty Foxparks) to use it. Now you can insert Ore, and the Furnace churns out Ingots. 

That’s where to locate Ore in Palworld and the best Ore locations to mine. If you’re looking for more tips and tricks, check out our guides hub for topics that cover everything from boss respawns to how to use milk.

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