Palworld Bone Farm: How to Get More Bones

Here are the best locations to farm more Bones in Palworld.

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Bones are crucial for creating high-level structures and Medicine when your Pals fall ill or get injured. You’ll need an ample supply for all your crafting needs. Here, I’ll cover how to get more Bones in Palworld.

How to Get and Farm More Bones in Palworld

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Like many materials in Palworld, such as Pal Fluids and Leather, Bones are primarily obtained by capturing or defeating Pals that drop them. You can also purchase it from a Wandering Merchant, but I recommend saving your money for Schematics or other materials you don’t want to farm yourself.

You won’t need Bones until you unlock the Medieval Medicine Workbench at Level 12. But farming low-level Pals from the beginning will ensure you have enough in storage when the time comes. I’d recommend you catch at least 10 of the Pals I mention below to get your EXP bonus. From there, defeating Pals is much more efficient as it doesn’t waste your resources on recrafting Pal Spheres.

Which Pals Drop Bones in Palworld? Best Locations to Farm


Map of Rushoar habitat location
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Rushoars are low-level Ground-type Pals that drop Leather, Bone, and Rushoar Pork, which makes them great creatures to farm for early crafting and cooking. The earliest stretch of land to find a Rushoar is from the Small Settlement located at 73, -486 to the Desolate Church at 63, -416. Both are close to your first spawn in Windswept Hills. You can also go down the coast near the bay with the large fossil sticking out of it. But once you start exploring, check out these other Rushoar habitats as well:

  • Ice Wind Island: -352, 77
  • Forgotten Island: -543, -30
  • Marsh Island: 431, -345
  • Eastern Wild Island: 549, -103


Map of Vixy habitat location
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Like Rushoars, Vixy drops Leather and Bone. And they’re low-level, making them quick to catch and defeat. You can find them near the Windswept Hills along the same location as the Rushoars. If you want to farm both simultaneously, you could start at the beach below the Small Settlement and work your way up to the rocky hills north of the Desolate Church. I found several near 85, -362.

All Pals That Drop Bones Listed

While not as easy to farm, Bones drop from multiple Pal types. Here’s a quick break down along with their additional materials:

  • Anubis (Ground): Bone, Innovative Technical Manual, Large Pal Soul
  • Bushi (Fire): Bone and Ingot
  • Cawgnito (Dark): Bone, Venom Glad, Small Pal Soul
  • Gorirat (Neutral): Bone and Leather.
  • Loupmoon (Dark): Bone.
  • Maraith (Dark): Bone and Small Pal Soul.
  • Rushoar (Ground): Bone, Leather, and Rushoar Pork.
  • Vanwyrm (Fire and Dark): Bone, Gold Coin, and Ruby.
  • Vanwyrm Cryst (Ice and Dark): Bone, Ice Organ, and Sapphire.
  • Verdash (Grass): Bone and Leather.
  • Vixy (Neutral): Drops Bone and Leather.

Where to Buy Bones in Palworld

Map of Small Settlement Wandering Merchant Location
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As mentioned, Bones can be purchased for 100 Gold apiece from Wandering Merchants. I frequently stop by the Small Settlement vendor at 76, -474. But there are several Settlements across Palworld where you can trade and sell goods. So even if you move your first base way from the Windswept Hills, you should still be in reach of a Merchant.

What Crafting Recipes Require Bones?

Palworld Medicine Workbench UI showing recipes
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Bones are a primary ingredient in Medical Supplies, but you’ll also use it to make other materials:

  • Cement: Used for creating structures. It can be produced with a High Quality Workbench.
    • x50 Stone
    • x1 Bone
    • x1 Pal Fluids
  • Medical Supplies: Used to treat Ulcers and Fractures.
    • x3 Ingot
    • x3 Horn
    • x1 Bone
  • High Grade Medical Supplies: Treats Weakened and Depressed Pals.
    • x5 Ingot
    • x5 Horn
    • x2 Bone
  • Suspicious Juice: Improves mood and work speed, but decreases SAN.
    • x3 Beautiful Flower
    • x3 Horn
    • x1 Bone
    • x1 Pal Fluids
  • Strange Juice: Greatly mood and work speed, but significantly decreases SAN.
    • x5 Beautiful Flower
    • x5 Horn
    • x2 Bone
    • x2 Pal Fluids

That’s how to farm more Bones in Palworld. For more on collecting materials, such as how to make Gunpowder and best mining Pals, check out our dedicated guides hub.

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